Caring For Your Ears With Auris Ear Care

Our ears never stop hearing, even when we’re asleep, as human beings we’re always listening but our brain chooses when to tune it out so that we can get some rest. Unless you’re a parent, in which case you’re always on high alert for a cry or a shout, whatever the hour. So it’s important to look after your ears properly, which is where Auris Ear Care can help.

Auris Ear Care are a team of Ear, Nose and Throat (ENT) doctors and specialist nurses who work on call, 24 hours a day, to provide high quality, mobile ear care across London. Our ears are generally self-cleaning but from time to time this process doesn’t work properly. This can lead to a build up in the ear that can affect not only your hearing but also your balance! By using specialists such as Auris Ear Care, this can be easily resolved.

Whether it’s for safe and effective ear wax removal – because we all know that using cotton buds can do more harm than good! – or for getting a foreign body out of the ear canal (a parent of a young child rite of passage!), these are your experts in ensuring clean ears. Not only that but they also only use and promote microsuction as a technique which is shown to be the most effective way to maintain aural hygiene.

Prices start from £70 for a consultation and £100 for treatment although the consultation fee is waived if you have a treatment there and then. Best of all, appointments are available in your home and on the same day, so there’s no need to delay sorting your ear issues out. To book an appointment simply visit their website.

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