Review: Globenfeld Seal Grey Chronograph Sports Watch

If there’s one thing I could change about my husband, it would be his time-keeping. A constant source of humour (and frustration) in our family, his inability to be on time is legendary. So, it goes without saying that a good watch is a must-have. He likes to think of himself as a bit of a watch pro; he’s hard to please, wants all the dials and functionality but doesn’t want to compromise on style. So when we were offered a Globenfeld Chronograph Seal Grey Sports Watch to test out in return for a review, he was pretty excited. Finally, a chance for him to have an opinion on the blog! 

Review Globenfeld Seal Grey Chronograph Sports Watch

Globenfeld Seal Grey Chronograph

A lightweight executive sports watch, the Globenfeld Seal Grey Chronograph has both stopwatch and tachymeter functionality. With a clean and simple design, the face of the watch is simple to read and feels uncluttered. With a genuine leather strap, metal case and scratch resistant glass, it’s a timepiece that’s built to withstand day to day life. And at only 78 grams in weight, it won’t slow you down. Seal grey in colour, the watch benefits from a gun metal casing, a supple grey leather strap and an easy to read face. It’s classic styling, uncomplicated and striking.

What We Thought…

Packaged in an expensive looking, sturdy presentation and display box, the watch is impressive from the word go. It looks the part. Which, let’s face it, is a huge part of any watch decision. It feels like a high quality product; the knobs have a satisfying weight to them to adjust the time and the piece is finished to a great standard. There’s a sixty day money back guarantee and a five year warranty which backs this up; they know it’s built to last.

In terms of the design, it’s fairly understated. Something that appeals to both of us – it wouldn’t look out of place in the board room or on the squash court. Dave usually prefers a metal strap but the leather on this is wonderful; t’s soft, supple and nicely finished. Finally, it’s affordable – retailing at £149 with a current reduction down to £59.99 at Amazon.  So many of the watches that we’ve looked at in the past are around the £300+ mark, meaning they’re a bit of a liability with the messes of a toddler!

Review Globenfeld Seal Grey Chronograph Sports Watch

Although the face is well designed, the main hands of the watch do get lost slightly against the dials. The red second hand stands out wonderfully and it’s a shame these splashes of colour weren’t used more on the other hands. That said, it’s not hard to read, it’s just not as easy as it could be. Likewise, the calendar window gets lost. It’s at an angle rather than horizontally placed on the face of the watch which makes it trickier to read. It’s a minor point and something you’d get used to quickly but for us, it took a moment to find it each time.

Would We Buy It?

For the price, I really can’t fault this watch. I love the colouring of it and the overall look. We were both impressed with the feel of it; both the presentation box and the watch itself. It feels luxurious from the moment you open it and added extras like the unique serial number that’s engraved and the genuine leather strap only add to this. If you’re looking to improve the time keeping of the man in your life – I’d recommend giving this watch a try. You won’t need that 60 day money back guarantee…

You can purchase the Globenfeld Seal Grey Chronograph Watch from Amazon

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