Throwback Thursdays: Edinburgh With Kids

Throwback Thursdays: Edinburgh With Kids

It’s that time of week where it can only mean one thing; it’s time for our Throwback Thursdays series! Each week, you’ll be able to find more about the childhoods of some of the very best parenting bloggers; their treasured memories and best bits, even how their own upbringing has affected their parenting style. So settle down and get comfy, it’s time to take a trip down memory lane.

This Throwback Thursday, I’m joined by Laura from Edinburgh With KidsLaura’s blog follows her life in Edinburgh and is full of fresh ideas, simple advice and bucket loads of inspiration in a beautiful magazine-style lifestyle setting. Not only that but, by her own admittance, she’s an encyclopedia of random knowledge so you’re guaranteed to find something to suit your every need. Today she’s sharing memories of her childhood friend and her passion to keep her children confident.

Throwback Thursdays: Edinburgh With Kids

Hi I’m Laura…

A full-time working Mum, wife, and Mama to three crazy kids. I moved to Edinburgh to train as a teacher and somehow never left! I work in an all-boys school teaching Religious, Moral and Philosophical Studies and, a little weirdly, coding. Alongside teaching I coach debating and am an Officer in the Combined Cadet Force. In all that spare time I have, I write my blog, go to the gym or read books!

I grew up in a little seaside town in East Sussex. It was pretty idyllic really – our house was a 5 minute walk from the beach but equally we could just walk straight onto the South Downs or be biking through woodland. I really enjoyed being outdoors and loved living in that setting. I have an older brother who I think found me a pest a lot of the time! But we did play together in the garden – he would allow 5 minutes of Mums and Dads and then we had to play ‘War.’ I totally blame him for me later joining the Territorial Army!

My earliest memory… 

Is the day we moved to Sussex. I would’ve been about two and I can remember being sick in my cot – bit grim!

Throwback Thursdays: Edinburgh With Kids

My Throwback Thursday photo…

Is from when I was 6, it was taken in our garden. I’m with my best friend, Beth. We met when she moved to our primary school in year 1. For a long time, my Mum thought I was just talking about an imaginary friend but thankfully not – Beth is still my best friend all these many years later! This picture makes me laugh because my Mum always lamented the many cuddly toys – she thought it could’ve been a magazine shot otherwise. I think it’s perfect – I still have that rabbit and I know Beth still has the bunny she is holding. Also cringing a little at my sandals and socks combo!

The best bit of growing up…

Was probably my friendship with Beth. Both our Mum’s encouraged us to read widely and use our imaginations. Together we travelled to all kinds of cool imaginary places and generally had a whale of a time. The worst for me was the later years of Secondary School. I was bullied by some of the other children and it had a crippling effect on my self-esteem. 17 years on and I’m still trying to work on my confidence.

I want my children to experience…

Being outdoors and using their imagination. I’m very aware that our garden doesn’t have any climbable trees or mud to play in. I’m in the process of trying to convince the hubby that we should dig a mud patch for them to play in! Now that the warmer weather has arrived they’ve been playing out a lot more and this is brill in my mind.

I also want them to not lose the confidence I had in early childhood. I spend a lot of time reminding Katie that she is fierce and that girls can do anything that boys can do – and vice versa. I noticed starting preschool that she quickly came home with this narrative of what boys and girls can do. I never had that growing up – I happily wore a football shirt and ran around with the boys! I guess I don’t want them to feel like they have limits in that sense. I can often hear my Mother when I speak to the kids so I think I’m probably replicating a lot of what I had without really meaning to!

Throwback Thursdays: Edinburgh With Kids

It’s harder growing up these days…

It varies but in lots of ways it’s much harder for them – particularly as they get older and have to deal with social media. I see so many problems at school because of it. When I was a kid if you made a mistake it wasn’t on a stage for all to see – nowadays everything is broadcast at breakneck speed and you can’t just go home and shut the door. It follows you everywhere. I also think that media has a much bigger presence and as a result a lot of pressure on kids. It’s constantly saying to act a certain way, or dictates was cool or not. I certainly wouldn’t have wanted that growing up!

If I could be any age I’d be…

This age is pretty good – I have a lovely husband and awesome kids. Going back would mean being without them! But if it was for just a day – I would go back to being 6 or 7. When sticking chip sticks up my nose was still crazy funny and I could spend the day skateboarding on my bum down giant hills.

Throwback Thursdays: Edinburgh With Kids

Thanks for sharing Laura, especially the idea of a mud pit in the garden! If you’d like to keep up with Laura’s adventures, you can follow her on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram or subscribe to her blog; Edinburgh With Kids.

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