Throwback Thursdays: Our Bucket List Lives

Throwback Thursdays: Our Bucket List Lives

It’s that time of week where it can only mean one thing; it’s time for our Throwback Thursdays series! Each week, you’ll be able to find more about the childhoods of some of the very best parenting bloggers; their treasured memories and best bits, even how their own upbringing has affected their parenting style. So settle down and get comfy, it’s time to take a trip down memory lane.

This Throwback Thursday, I’m joined by Suzy from Our Bucket List Lives. Suzy’s blog stems from creating a bucket list for her family when they found out about her father’s incurable cancer back in 2016. She shares her family’s love of travel, adventure and entertainment on her blog, calling it a “life list with goals, ideas and inspirations”. Today, she’s sharing her memories of her own childhood, in particular of her father who sadly is no longer with her.

Throwback Thursdays: Our Bucket List Lives

Hi, I’m Suzy…

We live in Lincolnshire, but we haven’t been here long. I’ve lived all over the UK plus we returned just a couple of years ago after 14 years living in France. We have the one child, Jamie. Our lives are based around our bucket list. Or life list as I prefer to call it. We love to travel and enjoy days out in the UK and abroad.

I grew up in a village on the outskirts of Derby in the East Midlands. I have a brother 2 years younger than me. I wasn’t the biggest fan of school. I’d much rather be roller skating down the local roller disco or collecting bits and bobs on my favourite boyband back then.

My earliest memory is…

When my parents put me in to a privately run preschool. The uniform was uber smart and it really wasn’t the right place for me. I remember sitting at a desk and being virtually forced to drink milk from a bottle through a straw. I hated milk and I was so upset that I had to drink it. Needless to say I wasn’t at that school for long.

Throwback Thursday - Our Bucket List Lives

My Throwback Thursday photo…

Is of my Dad and myself with my brother cheekily not posing for the photo in the background. We were on one of our many holidays to Newquay in Cornwall. There are so many happy family memories surrounding our holidays there. I hope we can take Jamie there one day and create similar memories.

We sometimes went with some very dear friends who we are still friends with today. They’re the holidays that really stood out for me, even though I was very young. My Dad died last year and it changed my life in so many ways. I wanted to feature a photo of me with him because he was my rock. Everyday I miss him even more, I honestly don’t believe it gets any easier. I knew instantly I had to share one of my happy moments with him. There were so many and they are all to be celebrated.

The best bit of growing up…

Was having such a fun and loving family. There was never a dull moment in our house. It’s safe to say that my Dad and brother were a little bit crazy. My brother never grew out of it, neither did my Dad for that matter! The worst was me taking them for granted. It didn’t happen often but sometimes I’d get so mad at them about nothing really. Mostly silly things like not going out with my coat on or wanting to go somewhere but not being allowed. Things that are so meaningless now.

I want my child to experience…

The holidays. We had so many and we were so lucky to be able to go to all the countries that we went to. Travelling was the thing that gave me the most memorable memories. I hope we can do as much fun and different things with Jamie as my parents did with us. I strive to be the good parent that mine were to me. I did a lot of after school clubs, although I am sure I will encourage Jamie to do the same, it probably won’t be as many.

Throwback Thursdays: Our Bucket List Lives

It’s harder growing up these days…

I think the world has changed so much now since the internet and social media. It’s a tough world to be growing up in nowadays. There’s no freedom anymore like we had. I also think it’s harder to get and keep jobs. Housing is less affordable too.

If I could be any age I’d be…

11 years old. That was the year we went on our family holiday to Florida. I loved it. It’s a holiday that I still think of fondly today.


Thank you Suzy for joining us and sharing your memories! You can keep up with Suzy’s adventures by following her on Twitter, InstagramFacebook and Pinterest or by subscribing to her blog Our Bucket List Lives.

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