Who is Devon Mama?

Devon Mama is run by me, Hayley; a working mama of three from rural Devon. Never content with sitting still for a moment, I launched Devon Mama whilst on maternity leave in 2016. It’s my little slice of the internet that documents family life as I know it, even the messy bits.  Eight years on, my babies are thriving; the real ones and the blog! So much so that we decided to add another little one to the brood in 2018 and another in 2021… we’re now the proud owners of a seven, five and two year old (gulp!).

When we’re not off exploring the countryside with the dog, I can be found tapping away on the computer, attempting to cook or frantically Googling life’s big questions.  Add in to that a house with ‘a lot of potential’, a mud-loving beast and a never-ending to do list and it’s organised chaos at the best of times. These days I split my time between home life and my day job, I work as Marketing Director for a global retailer. There’s never a dull moment, I tell you!

This site shares all of my experiences as a mother. Whether that’s covering extended breastfeeding, working parenthood, family travel or the glamour of renovating a home, I hope there’s a little something here for everyone.

If you’d like to work together, ask a question or just get in touch, drop me an email at devonmamaonline@gmail.com

Hayley x

ps. I know I should change these photos as they’re a good few years old now but seriously, look at them. I can’t bear to remove those little squishy beings from my page just yet…

Photo credits : Helen Lisk Photography



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Welcome To Devon Mama!

I'm Hayley and this is us; working parents to three tiny wild ones. Whether it's travel, food, lifestyle or just a healthy dose of parenting reality, there's something for everyone here. So sit back, get comfy and start scrolling!

Hayley x

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