3 Important Things You Should Never Do When Moving House

Moving house is a lot of stress, but you can make it a smooth process as long as you stick to careful planning. More often than not, the stress and anxiety associated with moving house arise from the tons of packing, unpacking, and booking reliable movers ahead of the D-day. If statistics are anything to go by, 100,000 UK households may move from their current homes in the next few years. Below is a list of some things to avoid doing when moving.


Packing up junk belongings


The temptation to pack up everything during a move is high, especially when you fail to start weeks ahead. However, packing up junk only increases the number of boxes you will be moving, according to packing experts. Moreover, you may miss out on an opportunity to make money from the things you do not need. For example, if you succeeded in organising a yard sale, you could have made enough money to pay for at least half the cost of hiring a moving company. Unfortunately, people fail to see some belongings as junk. This is possibly due to the issue of emotional attachment to physical items. The sentimental value of these belongings makes it difficult to part ways with them. Keep in mind that moving house is also a chance to downsize and re-evaluate the importance of things you own. And you can make things easier for yourself by seeking help from skip hire experts to take care of the things you wish to part ways with.


Moving in bits or little at a time


One school believes that moving in bits allows people to get comfortable with the relocation process. They also believe that it eliminates the issue of stress and anxiety. However, this may be far from the truth because some experienced movers believe it is a bad idea. Apart from the chaos it comes with, it can be pretty expensive to move in bits or a little at a time. Therefore, it is better to take several weeks to pack your belongings and get movers to convey your boxes to the new location in a single day. Contrary to the perception held by some people, moving in bits is actually time-consuming and may not necessarily yield much results. Perhaps, people who move in bits do so due to certain reasons. First of all, the relocation point may be very close to them, and therefore, they can afford to carry out many trips back and forth. Secondly, when an individual owns a moving truck, it can be more convenient and affordable to move in bits.


Over-packing cardboard boxes


Sometimes, you may want to limit the number of boxes used for the move and, as a result, end up overpacking your cardboard boxes. Unfortunately, this can only result in chaos if care is not taken. For example, overpacked cardboard boxes may rip at the bottom or cause inconveniences for the mover. At this point, the last thing you want to do is to cause problems on a tiring moving day. Therefore, the best option you have is to use as many boxes as needed to make a move less stressful and more organised.

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