5 Biggest Pattern Trends for Your Bedroom Décor

Interior designers have used patterns for years to give bedrooms a sense of style and manipulate how people view spaces with rhythm (the art of leading a person’s eye by creating a sense of movement in a room). The beauty of patterns is they can be as striking or subdued as you like, providing a backdrop or focal point for your bedroom. Today, the most significant trend is to make patterns key features in spaces, creating show-stopping centrepieces that ooze sophistication. Here are the five biggest pattern trends for your bedroom:

Granny chic with chintz

Your favourite grandma’s floral curtains and bedsheets are now in vogue, thoughtfully reimagined with clean white walls and pastel colours as backdrops. This style is known as chintz, and it has a history dating back to Victorian times.

Pictured: Julian Bowen Victoria 4FT 6 Double Metal Bed Frame, This superior bed frame is a perfect blend of both the modern and the classic as it introduces a contemporary take on the classic Victorian style.

In Victorian England, chintz floral fabrics surged in popularity as people sought to make their homes colourful amid monotone costumes. 

What is chintz? Chintz has large, bright and colourful floral patterns on a solid colour, with geometry (repeated patterns). It makes beautiful bedding and headboards, so you can dress up your bed and leave your walls in a pale colour. 

Pictured: Floral Prints and Vintage Inspired Wallpaper are typical of the Granny chic style.

Depth with greyscale

The use of greyscale in interior design goes back decades, but it has surged in popularity over the last few years as grey has come into fashion. With greyscale, we create patterns by using spaced tones ranging from dark grey to light grey. Rhythm is built into your bedroom without delicate designs that make any focal point solely using greyscale tones. The best place to start with greyscale is your bed. A grey bed will give you a base to work from, letting you branch out with light-dark greys across your bedroom. You can go darker for a moody atmosphere or lighter for airiness. 

Pictured: Birlea Valentino 4FT 6 Double Fabric Bed Frame – Grey

Connect with Nature with a Biophilic Design

All-natural patterns surround you in printed nature, from exotic palm trees to shimmering seas. If you want to embrace the outdoors and intend to use natural materials, the iconic palm tree or banana tree pattern is perfect. When we think of all-natural patterns, we tend to think of botanical patterns like palms, trees and flowers, but animals and insects are also great choices. All-natural patterns are an excellent choice if you have potted plants or bonsais.

Pictured: A bedroom with natural plants is a big part of Biophilic Design. The word “biophilia” translates as a love of life and all that is alive within Greek origins.

It suggests that we all have an innate attraction to nature, and this design trend seeks to improve many of the spaces we live and work in today. One pattern tip – pair all-natural patterns with solid neutrals. Too much natural design can make you feel like you’re in a jungle!

Pastel pops

Pops of solid pastel colours introduces youthfulness to bedrooms, creating a real sense of movement and playfulness. Pastel patterns are an excellent choice for younger people and anyone else wanting a colourful bedroom that isn’t too loud. The easiest way to embrace pastel pops is with pastel pattern wallpaper, available in a wide range of geometric patterns and shapes from love hearts and umbrellas to flowers and paw prints. We love mountain range wallpaper in pastel.

Pictured: Pastel Bedroom Décor, pops of solid pastel colours introduces youthfulness to bedrooms, creating a real sense of movement and playfulness.

The key to nailing pastel patterns in a bedroom is to pepper in darker furniture. Otherwise, you could end up with a dreamy sweetie shop vibe! 

Nautical blue and white

Nautical has been a popular interior design trend for decades because it idealises the beach and ocean lifestyle. A blue-and-white colour scheme is the staple of nautical design, with lots of patterns like stripes to create focal points.

Pictured: Nautical Bedroom Theme. A blue-and-white colour scheme is the staple of nautical design, with lots of patterns like stripes to create focal points.

You can embrace natural patterns with something as simple as a white and blue striped rug or blue and white striped curtains. When selecting wallpaper, look for simple designs or a focal point, choose anchor, ship or wave patterns. Dark blue nautical patterns are best for large and open bedrooms, while light blue designs are best for smaller bedrooms.


Pattern trends come and go, but the five listed in our article are timeless. Our favourite is the greyscale pattern because it’s usable across modern, eclectic and traditional styles. Be sure to share your favourite by commenting below!

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