6 Ideas for Your Travel Bucket List as a Family

As someone who has a family, you’d likely want to give them the best things in life. These may not necessarily be material luxuries like cars or gadgetry. For most parents, the best things in life are the unique experiences they can share with their children. And this is where travel comes in. 

 Through travel, you’ll be able to see the world up close and strengthen your bond. Some of your travel dreams may easily be achievable in the next few years, while others are worth waiting and saving up for. For the latter, it doesn’t cost a thing to come up with a list of dream destinations and experiences. Why not get your family together and draw up an official bucket list? 

Here’s an assortment of travel bucket list ideas to get you started: 

1) Go on a Pilgrimage to Japan

For families that share a passion for Japanese pop culture and cuisine, a visit to Tokyo will be a dream come true. This vibrant Asian metropolis is the birthplace of anime and manga. It’s also home to many incredible dining options and unique attractions, and the country also boasts reliable and high-tech public transportation infrastructure. 

 Take your family on a anime pilgrimage to explore the bustling neighborhoods of Akihabara and Nakano Broadway, where you’ll find rare collectibles and other merchandise related to your favorite series. And for fans of the legendary animated film director Hayao Miyazaki, a trip to Japan won’t be complete without a visit to Studio Ghibli Park or at least the Studio Ghibli Museum. 

2)  See the Great Wall of China

The Great Wall of China is not only an iconic architectural wonder, but also a symbol of China’s rich history and culture. You should plan a trip with your family to see this awe-inspiring structure in person, be it in the next few years or within the decade. While there are various sections of the Great Wall to choose from, some are more family-friendly than others. Mutianyu and Jinshanling are the sites of well-preserved segments, with easy access and stunning views. 

More adventurous families may enjoy hiking from Huanghuacheng to Xishuiyu to get the thrill they’re looking for and to come across the most picturesque lakeside views. Before you go on a hike to a tourist destination like this one, however, be sure to shop for leggings, boots, hiking socks, and other items you’ll need for such a trek. 

 3) Explore the Jungles of Borneo

Borneo is another bona fide paradise for adventure-seeking families. The lush jungles and diverse wildlife of this Southeast Asian island will promise a captivating experience for nature lovers. However, keep in mind that the Borneo island is politically divided and under the jurisdiction of three countries—Indonesia, Malaysia, and Brunei.

 For family friendly tours, you can opt to enter from Malaysia or Singapore and wait for the dry season, as it’s the best time to do this tour. Inside the forest, you can visit orangutan sanctuaries, go on jungle treks, and embark on river cruises to discover the incredible biodiversity of Borneo together. These are also the perfect avenues for you and your family to learn about conservation efforts and support the protection of endangered species while exploring Borneo’s dense rainforests.  

4) Visit Machu Picchu in Peru

Steeped in history and surrounded by breathtaking scenery, Machu Picchu is a must-visit destination for families seeking both cultural enrichment and adventure. This ancient Inca citadel perched high in the Andes offers a breathtaking glimpse into humanity’s past and the opportunity to explore its singular mysteries. 

Hiking up the Inca Trail may be a bit challenging for younger children, though there are alternative routes and transportation options to reach the site comfortably. All the same, this bucket list item is best reserved for families with kids above the age of six. 

5) Sail to the Galápagos Islands

For another one-of-a-kind family adventure, set sail to the Galápagos Islands. This remote archipelago in the Pacific Ocean is a living laboratory of evolution. It features unique and fearless wildlife that you’d otherwise only see in pictures and videos.

Explore the islands with your family on a guided cruise. There, you’ll encounter giant tortoises, marine iguanas, and blue-footed boobies—the last of which specially inspired the evolutionist Charles Darwin. You’ll also be able to snorkel in crystal-clear waters and swim alongside playful sea lions.

The Galápagos Islands will promise a profound educational experience and a chance to witness the wonders of the natural world up close. That said, if you ever get the opportunity, remember to follow strict conservation guidelines to protect this fragile ecosystem for future generations.

6) Experience an African Safari in Kenya and Tanzania

Few experiences will be as awe-inspiring as witnessing African wildlife in its natural habitat. Kenya and Tanzania are renowned for their national parks and game reserves, and safaris here will provide families with the opportunity to see the “Big Five”—the African elephant, lion, leopard, Cape buffalo, and rhinoceros—and a vast array of other animals.

Embark on a thrilling safari adventure with your family and explore iconic destinations like the Maasai Mara and Serengeti. From game drives to guided bushwalks, you’ll find plenty of ways to connect with nature and learn about the incredible biodiversity of East Africa.

These epic family adventure ideas combine culture, nature, and adventure in a way that will undoubtedly enrich the rest of your lives. Whichever of these you tick off from your travel bucket list, prioritize the safety, health, and comfort of your children while also still considering locations that will gift them a sense of accomplishment and wonder.

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