Seven Careers Worth Considering In The New Year

What do you want to do? You need a job, and there are hundreds of them out there. It can be hard to choose one that suits your needs and abilities. First of all, why not create your own business? Some people think that it’s too risky, but some very successful people have started their own businesses. If you’re ambitious, why not try it yourself? The first step is going into the future and imagining what you want from a job or career – this will make it easier for you to find what you want.

Here Are 7 Careers To Consider

Solar Energy Engineer: 

The renewable energy industry is growing, and solar engineers are in high demand. They plan, develop and build power-generating systems for solar farms, commercial rooftop complexes, or even a home’s own electrical system. What the job entails: Solar engineers work with owners of buildings to ensure that their building can have sustainable solar power generation equipment installed on its top while still being functional. This means they need to work within existing structures while creating another form of revenue for the owner. Solar Engineers may also be responsible for designing any necessary renovations to ensure these solar panels will fit in aesthetically with the exterior design of each building.

Financial Analyst/Accountant: 

The talents you’ll need for this job are your basic arithmetic skills, an eye for detail, and analytical skills. What the job entails: Financial Analysts or Accountants help organizations understand their financial situation by analyzing numbers or creating an accounting system that can forecast future results on a regular basis for better decision making on the company’s part. These professionals possess strong communication skills as they work closely with managers who may not have a solid finance background themselves. They also work hand-in-hand with external accountants on audits of financial statements at various times throughout the year.

Personal Trainer: 

You have to test online and stay in shape if you want to be able to help others get there too. What the job entails: Personal Trainers work one-on-one with clients who are trying to lose weight or strengthen certain areas of their bodies so they can continue being active for years into the future. 


The best way to help people (and animals) feel better is by treating their medical issues with your veterinary skills. What the job entails: Veterinary work starts when a veterinarian takes care of sick or injured small animals in an exam room and continues all the way through treatment and recovery until an animal goes home healthy again. They also handle daily duties like checking food and water bowls, taking temperatures, administering vaccines and other medications.

Graphic Designer/Art Director: 

A good eye for visuals is needed if you want any shot at landing one of these jobs. What the job entails: Graphic Designers and Art Directors design marketing materials for a variety of industries, including marketing companies, printers, corporations, or even restaurants. They also collaborate with other designers to brainstorm new ideas that will really draw in potential clients.

Small Business Owner: 

You can’t go wrong if you start your own business and run it yourself! What the job entails: Everything related to owning and running their own businesses falls on small business owners, from creating marketing campaigns and hiring employees to figure out how they’ll afford things like payroll and healthcare benefits for their team.

Personal Chef/Caterer: 

Work for yourself by cooking for others. Whether it’s at their home, an event, or in their place of work. What the job entails: Personal Chefs go where they’re asked to do their cooking and catering services, which means they have flexible hours that change day-to-day! 

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