7 Ways To Snazz Up Your Hallway And Stairs

When renovating our homes, many of us forget about the hallway and stairs. While we may not spend a lot of time here, it’s still an important space in our home. It’s the first room that people see as they enter and can be vital in setting first impressions for guests. It could also influence your own mood as you enter your home. Below are just a few creative ways in which you can snazz up your hallway and stairs in order to make it a more inviting and vibrant space. 

Use bright colours

Hallways can often be gloomy spaces – they tend to have few windows if any, preventing natural light from getting in. Painting your hallway a bright colour can stop this space from feeling as dark – it’s a cheap and dramatic way of transforming the space. White is always a safe option and is certain to make your hallway feel brighter and bigger. Alternatively, you could try a warm colour with a yellow or reddish hue that helps to also provide energy to the space. This could help you and your guests to feel cheerier as you enter. 

Use mirror magic

Mirrors are capable of providing illusions. They can firstly help to reflect back the room, making it feel bigger than it is. They can also help to reflect light, helping to make a room feel brighter (a mirror placed opposite a window can create the illusion of an extra window). Consider using mirrors in your hallways to make the space feel bigger and brighter. This could include a large mirror or multiple smaller mirrors. Avoid hanging a mirror opposite the door as you enter – the first thing you see as you enter your home shouldn’t be your reflection (it’s bad feng shui!).

Consider a staircase gallery wall

If you’ve been thinking of ways to decorate the wall next to your stairs, a gallery wall could be the answer. This could contain a collage of different framed photographs or it could contain paintings, postcards or certificates. You could even tell a story with pictures as you go upstairs – this could include pictures of your kids as they get older. Such memories will instantly make this space feel warmer and happier. 

Get creative with bannisters and stair rails

There could be ways of improving bannisters and stair rails to make them more eye-catching. This could include adding ornate wooden spindles or adding an industrial rail shaped like a pipe. Alternatively, there may be cool ways of decorating your bannisters such as hanging souvenirs on the spindles or adding flowers (when it comes to festive decorations, wreaths and fairy lights can be a great way of decorating stair rails and bannisters). 

Add some greenery

You could bring some life to your hallway and stairs by adding some plants. Due to the limited sunlight in this area of the home, you may only be able to grow certain plants such as snake plants and devil’s ivy. Alternatively, you could opt for artificial plants if you’re looking for something small and decorative. 

Opt for a super slim shoe rack

Having somewhere to store shoes can be useful in the hallway – otherwise you end up with a messy pile of shoes. A super slim shoe rack is a good option for maximizing space in the hallway. Such a shoe rack won’t protrude too much, while giving you somewhere to put your shoes. These racks tend to be taller to compensate for their slim depth. 

Add a statement rug

A rug can be a great way of filling the empty floor in a hallway. Rather than just choosing any rug, why not opt for a statement rug that grabs people’s attention as they enter. This could be a bold Moroccan rug, a thick fur rug or a colourful modern rug. Even in a smaller hallway, you may be able to find something small and vibrant that provides a burst of energy.

An important thing to consider…

While all these ideas can be great for snazzing up a hallway, it might not be a good idea to combine all of these features – it could make your hallway look too busy and cluttered. Stick to one or two dramatic features such as a statement rug and a gallery wall or large mirrors and decorative stair rails. You want your hallway to feel exciting, but you shouldn’t feel as if you’re entering a fairground funhouse.  

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