9 Fun Ideas for Your Next Mom’s Night

Just like you get better at your job when you take regular breaks and vacations, moms get better at what they do when they have guilt-free time away from the kids. Whether you stay at home or work full time, a mom’s night is the perfect way to get a much-needed breather and socialize with someone you aren’t directly responsible for. However, if you’re feeling overwhelmed and a bit burnt out, the last thing you probably want to do is more planning. Let this list of great lady’s night ideas take some of the planning burden off your shoulders and help you get to the fun part. 

Test Your Sleuthing Skills

If you’ve become an expert at solving who made a mess out of the kitchen cabinets or don’t feel complete without your true-crime podcast, you should try out an escape room. Get some like-minded ladies on board and see if you can solve the clues and get out in time. Escape rooms come in a variety of themes, from a zombie apocalypse to historical settings. No matter your group’s tastes, you’ll be able to find something everyone can enjoy. 

Get Crafty

Craft nights don’t need to look like an old-fashioned sewing circle, though the gossip will probably be just as good. Send your spouse and kids to hang out at one of the other ladies’ homes and host friends at your home for the evening. You could focus on or two DIY projects and ask everyone to pitch in different materials. At the end of the night, each mom would have something new and beautiful for their home. Alternatively, have everyone bring something they’re working on and enjoy each other’s company while working on your own projects. 

Work Up a Sweat

Exercise is such a feel-good activity — it releases endorphins and improves your health. What more can you ask for? There are plenty of ways to work up a sweat with friends. Go dancing, take a hike, participate in a gym class, play a sport or try out rock climbing. The possibilities are endless, just like the fun. 

Have a Sleepover

Remember the good old days when you’d beg your parents to let you have friends over on a Friday night? Everyone would bring their favorite PJs, and you’d settle in for a night of hot gossip, games, movies, laughter and lots of memories. Who says those days have to be over? Invite your girls to a slumber party. Have everyone bring their favorite movie and stay up all night to see how many you can get through. Live it up with your favorite childhood board games or other standbys like MASH and truth or dare. 

Indulge in Drinks and Sweets

Set up a wine and chocolate night for a very laid-back and delicious evening. Each lady can bring a bottle of wine and their favorite chocolate treat or baked goods to share around. If wine isn’t your thing, ask your friends to bring random liquors and juice they have laying around or interesting ones they see at the store and see what fun cocktails you can try. Search for new and exciting drink combinations online.  

See a Show

Go see that musical everyone’s been dying to see. To round out the night, go for appetizers before the show to hold you over, and stop for a late dinner afterward to fill you up and give you a chance to discuss your thoughts and opinions. If you want to see something a bit shorter, look for a local comedy club. You can eat while getting a few laughs.  

Get Dolled Up for Dinner

Motherhood doesn’t offer a lot of opportunities to get dressed up. Stay-at-home moms are especially susceptible to the constant t-shirt and yoga pants look. While stretchy pants are super comfortable, they don’t exactly make you look your best. Have someone watch your kids while you spend part of your evening getting glam. Pick a nice dress and some heels you wouldn’t normally wear. Put on jewelry and some makeup and head out on the town. Meet up with your mom friends for dinner, dancing or shopping and live it up a bit. 

Establish a Book Club

Not everyone loves an extravagant night out on the town. Instead, you could try a monthly or biweekly book club. Each mom could take a turn hosting the group. You can run it traditionally where everyone reads a prearranged amount before the meeting, and then you spend your time discussing. Alternatively, you could save a chunk of your night as quiet reading time. Moms don’t get much free time for reading, so that might not be a bad idea. No matter what time of book club meeting you decide to have, bring a pair of fuzzy socks and your coziest blanket and get ready for a night of good friends and great reads. 

Let It Go at a Karaoke Bar

Release your inhibitions and take lady’s night to a karaoke bar. Knock back a few drinks while listening to poor renditions of pop hits and love ballads. To truly take part in the night, you’ll need to let loose and have a turn at the mic. You never know, you might enjoy it. Pick any song you like or prep something ahead of time, whatever suits your style. 

Don’t Let Mom-Guilt Stop You

If you aren’t used to going out without your kids, it will be difficult at first. Start slowly by leaving for just an hour, then a couple of hours, until you’ve worked up to a whole evening away. Find a trusted babysitter, or send your spouse and kids off on their own adventure so you can let go and enjoy yourself. Bring your phone in case of an emergency, but plan to leave it in your purse and resist the urge to text home. 

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