Aldi Baby & Toddler Event – January 2022 – Our Picks!

It’s that time of year again – the Aldi Baby & Toddler Event for January 2022. It’s at this time of year that those central aisles get filled with some of our favourite items to see us through the early months and years of parenthood – and a great mix of own and known brands as well. I worked with Aldi a few years ago on promoting their Baby Event but this time it’s just me, choosing to share some of my absolute favourites from the current selection. I just wish I’d had some of these bits for my nine month old! This year the Aldi Baby Event starts on the 6th January so it’s running as I type… perfect to pick up some winter bargains! Here are some of my favourites that are available…

Chicco Next2Me Crib – £124.99

Absolutely smashing it with this option – we love our Chicco Next2Me Crib, it’s seen us through all three children so far and I think it’s still got life left. Have it with all of the sides up for a contained crib option or attach it to the side of your bed using the straps, unzip one of the side panels and you have a co-sleeping crib. Perfect for keeping your baby close at night whilst giving them a safe, separate sleep area all of their own. The zip down side also means that you don’t have to lift them over in the night which can be uncomfortable, particularly post surgery. Ours lasted until baby was 6 months each time and ready to move into their own room, then just pack it away in the travel bag for next time! Don’t forget to pick up a sheets pack as well.

Mini Book Library – £4.99

A selection of ten small reading books great for pre-schoolers upward. Contained in a hard carry case, these books are perfect for popping next to the bed or down in the lounge for a quite few minutes, and they’re a great length. Alongside Frozen you can also find Disney Princesses, Marvel Avengers, Disney Pixar… something for everyone!

Mamia Pressure Fit Baby Gate – £14.99

From the moment baby is on the move all the way through to protecting the top of the stairs from pre-schoolers in the middle of the night, most parents will use a baby gate at some stage. We love the Mamia pressure fit baby gate as it means no pesky holes in the wall to contend with, simply put it in place, adjust the tighteners and you’re done! For £14.99 we’d also be picking up one to keep in the garage for the grandparent’s house visits… just in case!

Nuby Fruitsicles – £3.99

We have these, we love them. There’s little more to say about these ice lolly molds. Fill them up with some fruit juice and water for a tasty frozen treat. Chuck in some pureed fruit pouches for weaners. Try a bit of fruit squash if the kids are older. Perfectly sized for little hands, our five year old still enjoys having one of these every now and then. Would 100% recommend.

Tommee Tippee Closer To Nature Bottle Set – £14.99

A great set up for those looking to formula feed or those introducing expressed milk. Everything you need to get you up and running. The Tommee Tippee Closer To Nature bottle range are meant to bear the closest resemblance to nipples and as such make it an easy switch for your child if you’re breastfeeding. All I know is that we use this range and have never had any issues.

Nuby 2-in-1 Baby Walker – £24.99

Perfect for when they’re starting to take those first steps through to when they’re more confident. Bright, colourful and attractive, we love the look of this two in one walker that also turns into an activity table. The activity table element is great for those cruising who aren’t quite ready to be powering along behind the walker itself, it looks easy to swap over between the two options and will save space and funds on having to buy two of them.

Breakfast Sets – £4.99

Available in a range of different designs, including Marvel Avengers, these types of breakfast sets are great for younger children. An ideal step between baby bowls and china bowls, these are hardy, wash well and kids tend to fight over who gets what… trust me, buy a few!

Little Town Wooden Noah’s Ark Scene – £7.99

We have a number of the Aldi wooden toy selection before and they always last well. This wooden Noah’s ark scene looks to be no exception; it’s perfectly chunky for little fingers with bright characters and lots to choose from. An absolute bargain at £7.99.


A great selection this year although a few key items that we’d be interested in, such as the bibs and coveralls are delayed. No huge surprises there; some reusable nappy items but I feel that could go a little further to be truly beneficial to parents. Again lots of books and perfect little bits that you don’t REALLY know that you need until you’re there – ideal for picking up some early cutlery sets, crockery sets and items like a toilet seat and step. We’ll be making a trip in store shortly to get some of the bits I’ve highlighted!

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