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When it comes to looking after our little ones, it can be difficult to know how to best support their growing needs. Whether it’s supplementing their vitamins, helping them to sleep better or supporting their delicate skin, Baba West can help. Designed by a powerhouse partnership of women, Baba West ensures that science and nutrition work hand-in-hand to help shape your child’s future health and strengthen their body’s natural resiliences. With three little ones, we’re always on the look out for anything that will help do exactly that; strengthen and support their health and resilience, especially now that they’re in the hotbed of germs otherwise known as nursery and pre-school! So, when we were offered the chance to receive and review some of the range, we couldn’t wait to get our hands on it (or it on our hands in the case of the Zinc and Calendula Cream!). Read on to find out what we thought, and find out how you could win some to trial yourself.

What Is Baba West?

Baba West is one of the brainchild’s of renowned fertility expert Zita West. Alongside her work in helping families around the UK with their fertility challenges, Zita has worked to create a number of health product ranges spanning across the sectors from fertility, through pregnancy and into the post-natal period. Now Zita has teamed up with Leonora Bamford, mother of three and publisher of leading parenting website, My Baba, to create products that will support you through the early years of childhood; introducing Baba West.

What’s In The Baba West Range?

Baba West offer a small but thoughtful range of supplements and health care products for those first years of your child’s life. Within the range you’ll find multibiotics, vitamin D drops, sleep mists and healing skincare creams that are perfect for babies from a month old all the way through to children 12 years of age. Not only that, but the range also offers products designed with parents in mind. There’s a soothing cream for ‘down under’ that aims to bring together the healing properties of natural ingredients to help speed recovery after labour, through to every parent’s essential; an aromatherapy bath oil that promises to renew and restore. There’s even outfits that combine easy style with maximum comfort for both maternity wear and those hazy weeks in the early days of parenting.

For ease, we’ve put together the following list:

For Children

  • Infant Vitamin D Oral Drops (0-3 years)
  • Junior Vitamin D Daily Oral Spray (3-12 years)
  • Children’s Multivitamin & Multibiotic Powder (1-12 years)
  • Bifikalm Multibiotic Relief Drops (0-12 months)
  • Kidskalm Biotic Sachets (1-12 years)
  • Alpine Elderberry & Rosehip (1-12 years)
  • Baba West X Lyonsleaf Zinc & Calendula Cream
  • Snuffle Pillow Mist (6+ months)
  • Sleep Mist (6+ months)

For Parents

  • Restore & Renew Aromatherapy Bath Oil For Mum
  • Comfort Down Under For Mum


  • Organic Towelling Cotton Burp Cloth
  • Organic Cotton Maternity Two Piece Outfit
  • Organic Towelling Cotton Post-Natal Two Piece Outfit

How Did We Find The Baba West Range?

We were fortunate enough to trial the following items; Vitamin D Daily Oral Spray, Vitamin D Daily Oral Drops, Zinc & Calendula Cream and the Snuffle Pillow Mist. We tried the products for a month to see how we got on with it, both as parents and as little ones! First impressions on the brand are that it certainly looks the part; the styling is friendly and accessible yet feels like a high quality product. It’s the type of product that I’d happily gift to a new mum safe in the knowledge that it’s going to be well received, I particularly liked the clarity around the natural products and oils in each item as well as a run down on what the product is useful for.

Vitamin D Daily Drops & Daily Oral Spray

I’m grouping these two together although they’re different products dependent on the age range that you’re looking for. In our household we’ve had the baby on the Vitamin D Daily Drops and the elder two (3 & 6 years old) on the Daily Oral Spray. I should start by prefacing that we’ve been looking for a good Vitamin D supplement for the children for a while, following a conversation with a paediatrician friend who shared that almost all individuals living in the UK should really be having a Vitamin D supplement. Whilst the NHS recommends all under 4’s take a daily supplement, the recommendation for older children and most adults is that a supplement is only required from October to March. Vitamin D is important for the absorption of calcium into the body. As such it’s also a really important vitamin for the development of bones, teeth, muscle function and the immune system as a whole.

How did we get on? We found both items really easy to use! As our youngest is still breastfeeding at night, we found the simplest way to administer the daily drops was to place one drop on a nipple prior to a feed. You can also use a dummy, a clean finger or mix it with food, water or milk. Our youngest had zero complaints and I’d argue that he had no idea he was taking it – as much as you can tell with a one year old! With the Daily Oral Spray for the older two, this was obviously harder as they’re far more aware. We took to spraying one quick spray into their mouth, aiming it to the side more onto their cheek. One spray a day and we were done! No complaints about taste at all, just a couple of ‘it tickles!’ the first few times. Whilst it’s hard to monitor how well it’s performing like most supplements, I’m confident with the nutritional information and the ease of administration!

Baba West X Lyonsleaf Zinc & Calendula Cream

As a family that suffers from eczema and skin sensitivities as well as the odd bout of nappy rash in the youngest, we’ve been looking to find a good cream for a while. As a parent, I love that the Zinc & Calendula Cream is packed full of natural ingredients rather than chemicals, in fact, it’s 100% natural – hurrah! A combination of pure plant oils, organic beeswax, zinc oxide and herbs come together to help protect sensitive and delicate skin. The cream is also un-fragranced which is a big plus for us having had reactions to different scented balms and lotions in the past. Finally, the dark tinted glass packaging fives a luxurious feel to it, reminiscent of old school pharmaceutical bottles… to be honest, I’d happily have it in my own skincare drawer!

How did we get on? The Baba West X Lyonsleaf Zinc & Calendula Cream is possibly one of our favourite items. It’s easy to apply and a little really does go a long way. It’s got a great consistency which feels like it’s aided by the addition of beeswax, leaving the skin with a lightly coated protective feeling. We used it on dry skin on our daughter’s back, which it seemed to quickly help clear up, as well as on bouts of light nappy rash with our youngest. Each time there were no issues with skin irritation and the healing properties seemed to help soothe and aid in the healing of the issue. I’ve also been using it to help tackle some dribble rash on our one year old’s chin, which it’s been far more effective than other balms so far! My only complaint is that the consistency takes a little getting used to – it’s not soft enough that you can scoop out, and you wouldn’t want to as you really don’t need much, but that can mean that you take a while getting a useful amount on your fingers! This is fine for smaller patches but does take a while when dealing with a baby’s bottom, especially a wriggly one!

Snuffle Pillow Mist

Possibly the best smelling item I’ve used in a while, the Baba West Snuggle Pillow Mist is a ‘refreshing blend of natural Eucalyptus, Pine and Thyme oils’ and oh my goodness does it smell divine. The Snuffle Pillow Mist is designed to help aid in clearing blocked noses, which is perfect for a family like ours where we seem to bounce from one cold to another (hurrah for nursery germs!). Simply spray at an arm’s length on to bedding, pjs or a muslin and allow it to dry before you put your child to bed. It’s suitable for children aged 6 months and upward and, I can happily confirm, it’s also pretty handy for parents as well. It’s slightly like diving into a beautifully scented spa room… well, as close as you can get at bedtime with small children. We’ve used it rather extensively and don’t seem to have made a dent in the amount in the bottle, so I think we can safely say that you’d get a lot of use out of it.

How did we get on? If you haven’t guessed from the above, we were also big fans of the Snuffle Pillow Mist. When the children are bunged up, especially the baby, it tends to lead to really broken sleep for all of us. They wake over and over, unable to breathe deeply and we’re all even more grumpy and tired by the morning. In the past, I’ve used various ointments that you apply to the child themselves or I’ve tried to smear near to them, with little success. Oils have felt too potent, but with this the additional spray element allows me to ensure that there’s a good coating on the sheet prior to me putting him to bed, so I don’t need to worry about one area being too strong or another not being scented at all. We’d recommend it!


We’ve been genuinely impressed with the Baba West range, in particular the Zinc & Calendula Cream and the Snuffle Pillow Mist. The Vitamin D drops and oral spray are both easy to use, have no complaints and give me confidence that I’m helping to boost the immune system and development of my children’s bodies!  One of my initial concerns was that the price point felt quite high for the products, but, having put them to the test, they’re effective when used sparingly which means that you get a lot for your money compared with some other less effective, but cheaper, products. Not only would I be happy to (and will) continue to use the items with our children but I also feel that they’d make the perfect gift to any new parent as part of a baby bundle! They’re stylish, work well and are packed with natural remedies to support little one’s bodies – what’s not to enjoy.

WIN – A Giveaway!

Like what you’ve heard? We’re pleased to announce that we’re giving away a Baba West bundle to one lucky winner! Featuring , the package is worth over £56 in total! To enter, all you need to do is follow the steps below.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

****Prize is 1 x Zinc & Calendula Cream, 1 x Vitamin D Oral Spray and 1 x Vitamin D Drops, there is no monetary exchange available. The prize will be distributed by Baba West directly to the winner within 30 days of the prize being claimed, Devon Mama cannot be held responsible for lost prizes.

All winner decisions are final, the winner has 48 hours to claim their prize or a new winner will be drawn.

Contest closes at midnight on 15th June 2022

UK Entrants Only****

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