Beautiful decoration ideas for an elegant and impressive bathroom

Tired of walking to your bathroom and dreaming of a change? We have easy and cheap decorating ideas for you to renew your bathroom. The most important upgrade you can make in the bathroom includes lighting. A Swedish study found that lighting, combined with the right color, affects mood. Changing the lighting is not difficult or expensive, in fact it makes a bathroom fresher and bigger. Here are some of the most beautiful decoration ideas to create an impressive bathroom. 

Older light fighting and a fluorescent colored lamp can create attractive shadows and strange color shades on the walls. If changing this component is not possible, you can upgrade your lamps with some of the new fluorescent bulbs that are similar in color warmth to lighting on a sunny day. It will also improve your mood. Once you have upgraded the lighting quality, the color is the next quick and easy upgrade in the bathroom. Choose light colors for large surfaces (eg walls) and prefer darker tones for decorative elements. You may want to add something extra to the walls too. In this case, you should consider bathroom wall stickers from Aspect Wall Art and see what you can create.

Art is important too 

It is a very original solution to decorate your bathroom: works of art. Processed canvas prints are water resistant and really affordable. Choose oversized frames for the best visual effect. For a unique look, opt for a favorite photo to print and place on the wall. Today’s printers can create canvas prints and even layer them for more water resistance. In addition, a wall gallery of your favorite items such as starfish or baskets can be another way to decorate your bathroom walls. 

Heated towel rails

A bathroom accessory or a radiator? Whatever is considered a heated towel rail can significantly contribute to creating the spa feeling in a bathroom. The heat that emits in the space and even more the warm towels that you have at your disposal after the bath do not just create an “atmosphere”. They offer a functional note of relaxation and euphoria. 

Live plants in the bathroom

Adding live plants to the bathroom will easily and economically change the image of the space. Consult a plant specialist to suggest the right ones for your space. Indicate whether there is a possibility of natural light or not. A simpler version is to place live flowers in a nice vase. In any case, the change is immediate and visible, especially if the size of the plants or flowers you choose helps.

Mirrors and bathroom accessories

Economically and practically easily applicable solution that can change the feeling of space in the bathroom. Especially the mirrors, if they are large and correctly placed, can work wonders by “enlarging” the spaces visually. This is especially useful in small bathrooms where the possibilities of intervention are limited.

It’s time to get your bathroom looking and feeling luxurious. It doesn’t have to be pricey but it can be extraordinary for your home.

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