Lascal Maxi Plus Buggy Board Review

Which Is The Best Buggy Board? (Lascal Buggy Board Mini VS Maxi Buggy Board)

You’re looking to add a buggy board on to your pushchair, chances are you’ve come across Lascal buggy boards as one of the leading brands. But which is the best buggy board? The Lascal Mini Buggy Board or the Lascal Maxi Buggy Board? Or even the Lascal Maxi+ Buggy Board, otherwise known as the buggy board with a seat! We’ve tried and tested them on different pushchairs with our toddlers and are happy to share our findings to help you decide which buggy board is most suited to your needs.

Lascal Buggy Boards Overview

Let’s start with an overview. Lascal Buggy Boards come in two main styles; the Mini and the Maxi and alongside this there’s also the Maxi Plus board which is a buggy board with a seat, aka. the Maxi with a removable saddle attachment in the set. Lascal Buggy Boards are perfect for helping you transition a child out of the pushchair when you have a younger child needing their space, they’re cheaper than purchasing a double buggy and allow you to know exactly where your older child is in busy environments – not to mention they give a little respite to tired legs on walks and long journeys. A buggy board has two wheels and attaches to the rear of your pushchair via adjustable clips, as such Lascal Buggy Boards are a fairly universal fit and can be used with most pushchair brands… you’ve probably seen them out and about, jsut not really been sure which one is which. Well, now it’s probably time for you to get one, we’re going to run through the Lascal Buggy Board basics and when we’d use each one, which should help you to make an informed choice, without the faff!

Lascal Maxi Plus Buggy Board Review

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Fitting A Lascal Buggy Board

Both the Mini and the Maxi Buggy Boards work in the same way; the board fastens to the rear of your pushchair, usually just above where the two back wheels are. On each side an adjustable plastic strap fits around the pushchair ‘leg’ and holds a small red and black plastic clip. These bits tend to stay on your pushchair, so once they’re on, you don’t need to worry about them. Lascal do recommend that you can cut the plastic straps to length once these parts are fitted, but we’ve always opted to leave the straps at full length just in case we need to switch them to a different pushchair or want to sell on. Attach these to your pushchair leg with the red part facing upward so that the main buggy board arms ‘sit’ into the clamps from above – they can be adjusted side to side which you may find you need to do just to get the width aligned with your buggy board.

Once the clamps are in place, take the buggy board. Loosen the arms that come out of the front of the board using the red dial on the side. At the end of these arms you’ll see a small piece of plastic that comes out at right angles pointing in toward the other arm. It’s these two small pieces of plastic that sit into your clamps on the pushchair. Clip them into place, adjust the angle of the board so that it’s level and then tighten the red dial again. Ta- da, your board is fitted!

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Lascal Maxi Plus Buggy Board Review

Packing The Lascal Buggy Board Away When Not In Use

To tie it up out of the way when not in use, simply attach the strap that comes with the board to somewhere on your pushchair that keeps it taught (we use one of the front legs), tilt the board up into your pushchair and clip the end of the strap onto the front edge of the board (the part that’s normally near your feet – simple! If you’re using a buggy board with a seat, simply unclip the seat first, place in the basket of your pushchair and then follow the steps above.

The Lascal Mini Buggy Board Overview

The Lascal Mini Buggy Board is the smaller of the two versions of buggy board. Not only is it smaller in size but it’s also lighter weight. The wheels are smaller and don’t have any cushioning abilities in them which means if you’re walking on a bumpy surface, your child will feel every bump. The board itself is smaller although still more than comfortable for a child to stand on. The floor clearance is also less thanks to the smaller wheels so it can sometimes get in the way of walking. As such, the Mini Buggy Board is cheaper than the Maxi Buggy Board coming in at around £59.99 compared to £89.99. The Mini Buggy Board will hold the same capacity weight as the Maxi Buggy Board – around 22kg which should allow you to transport a child up to the age of 6 years. We’d say that the Mini Buggy Board is well suited to lightweight, stroller style pushchairs or for those travelling around.

Lascal Maxi Plus Buggy Board Review

The Lascal Maxi Buggy Board

The Lascal Maxi Buggy Board is the larger of the two versions of buggy board. It’s got a bigger platform to stand on and looks more robust. Cushioned, larger wheels allow for an element of suspension, which is particularly helpful if you’re needing to go over rougher surfaces, including grass. The larger wheels mean there’s better ground clearance which means you’re less likely to accidentally kick the board as you walk (trust us, it can get annoying!). It’s more expensive than its smaller counterpart, coming in at around £89.99 compared to £59.99 but it’s infinitely more robust and better suited to some of the chunkier pushchairs that are on the market today. The Maxi Buggy Board has the same weight capacity as the Mini Buggy Board – around 22kg which again will allow you to transport a child up to the age of 6 years. You can get a separate saddle attachment to retrofit onto your Maxi Buggy Board here which costs around £60.

The Lascal Maxi Plus Buggy Board

Then there’s a third, slightly sneakier option which is the Lascal Maxi Plus Buggy Board. This is a buggy board with a seat; effectively the Maxi Buggy Board but with a detachable saddle style seat as part of it. This means that there’s extra functionality on your buggy board that allows you to slot into place a small raised saddle – so your child can sit down and be more comfortable. When it’s not in use, you simply fold down the saddle on itself and remove the pole from the buggy board before clipping it up as you normally would. We’ve reviewed the Lascal Maxi Plus Buggy Board before and spoiler alert, we loved it – you can read our full review here. The Maxi Plus Buggy Board is similar to the standard Maxi, just comes complete with the saddle included. The Maxi Plus is more expensive again, coming in at £135. Please note you can always buy the Maxi Buggy Board and Saddle Attachment separately if you’re unsure, this would come to around £150 in total. We love the saddle functionality because it gives the kids a better, more comfortable ride, saves them moaning about tired legs and is a little harder for them to dive off of in a busy environment – perfect for younger children! Who would want to choose a regular buggy board when you can get a buggy board with a seat!?

Lascal Maxi Plus Buggy Board Review

Mini, Maxi or Maxi Plus – Which Buggy Board Do I Need?

Start by considering the type of pushchair you have, as whilst all the boards are a universal fit, they are suited to different needs. If you have a lightweight, stroller style pushchair then we’d recommend the Mini Buggy Board is the right one for you. Got a larger, more chunky, rugger pushchair? You’ll want the Maxi Buggy Board. Still not sure? The Mini is best suited for city environments or those who are travelling – it’s small, light and perfect for use on even pavements. The Maxi is best suited for outside of urban living; whilst it’s never going to work off road, the Maxi makes quite light work of bumpy lanes and roads, and coming on and off pavements – it even handles (dry) grass well. The Maxi is also better suited for those with longer legs thanks to the bigger clearance meaning your foot can go slightly under the board without you kicking it, we found kicking the board to be the worst part of the Mini Buggy Board!

The Mini Buggy Board doesn’t have the option to retrofit a saddle, so if you’re looking for a seated experience, you’re going to need to opt for the Maxi or the Maxi Plus. We’d recommend going straight for the Maxi Plus purely because you’ll save around £15 by buying it all together but if you’re unsure, you’ve always got the option to purchase the Maxi and the Saddle separately so don’t worry! As previously mentioned, we like the saddle on the Maxi Plus as it gives smaller children in particular an easier ride – so if you’re concerned that your child is unlikely to be able to stand on a buggy board or would be likely to jump off the minute you turn away, then we’d recommend the Maxi Plus option giving you a buggy board with a seat. Then, when your child no longer needs it, you can remove the saddle. There’s no seatbelt so they’re not strapped in but it certainly kept our runaway child in one place far better than the board did on it’s own, and no moaning about tired legs!

We hope that’s helped you make your mind up between the different options. Don’t forget that there’s good resale value in buggy boards so any investment is never wasted and it’s often significantly cheaper than a double buggy purchase. We still use ours when we’re out and about in busy places and need to keep our middle child slightly more contained than walking alongside the pushchair… it’s a lifesaver!

Lascal Maxi Plus Buggy Board Review

To purchase the Mini Buggy Board from Amazon, click here.

To purchase the Maxi Buggy Board from Amazon, click here.

To purchase the Maxi Plus Buggy Board from Amazon, click here.

Please note that in this article, all images show the Lascal Maxi Plus Buggy Board. We also own the Lascal Mini Buggy Board and have used the Maxi Plus without the saddle attachment in place, meaning it’s operating as a standard Maxi Buggy Board would.

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