Best Gift Ideas For Four Month Olds

Toys for four month old babies can be difficult to decide upon. They’re at an age where they need some entertaining but they don’t really play with items properly. You want to keep your four month old engaged in an educational manner but likewise not spend too much if they’re likely to grow out of it. You want gift ideas that are going to keep a four month old happy and (hopefully!) give their parents a moment or two of peace. Around this age, babies are normally able to roll over and should be able to lift their heads off the floor, with tummy time being a good priority. You may find that your four month old is teething or can get a bit grumpy between naps. We share some of our favourite toys and best gift ideas for four month olds, based on our own personal experience.

**Please note that this post contains affiliate links. This means that you don’t pay any more but a small (teeny!) percentage of the sale is paid to us as commission which helps to support the running of this site. Thanks!**

Fisher Price Grow With Me Tummy Time Llama

We love Fisher Price products because they tend to last and last, which is great when they go through the physical wear and tear from growing babies. The Grow With Me Tummy Time Llama is a super cute design which allows you to prop baby over the llama body and play with the different elements from it’s saddle mat. The saddle mat comes wrapped over the llama, so open up the velcro and flap it back over the llama to open the mat up. You’ll find crinkly textures, a teething toy, a mirror and a rattle that comes with it. When baby is laid on their back, pop it next to them with the mirror attached to the velcro in the llama’s mouth to hover the mirror above them, pop them into a tummy time position over it for older play, sit it up next to them to encourage sitting as they grow and finally let them carry it about once they’re toddling! It’s tricky to find things that will take you from this stage up but we’re fans of this one. Plus it’s a nice size and looks like a cuddly toy rather than another intrusive piece of bright plastic (we have loads of that too, don’t worry!)

Fisher Price Grow With Me Tummy Time Llama is currently available for £24.95

JellyCat Tails Soft Books

We love these soft books for babies to play with. Soft to prevent any injuries and make them easy to hold, crinkly sounding pages to encourage your baby to scrunch and explore and plenty of tails which are perfect for pulling/chewing/grabbing on! These are non-toxic and can be popped into the washing machine – which is needed after they’re thrown on the floor multiple times! Ideal for playing with in a seat or in the pushchair, we have a couple different versions to keep us entertained. Loop the hanging loop through a buggy or car seat strap to keep it from getting lost. Available in Farm Tails, Pet’s Tails or Jungle Tails – there are cheaper alternatives available but in our experience, it’s worth paying the extra for the quality, especially when it’s likely to go in mouths!

The JellyCat Tails Soft Books retail for around £20

Inflatable Water Play Mat

As four months is prime tummy time time, we couldn’t help but add in this inflatable water play mat. We’d never seen one of these mats before but it’s a surprisingly effective play toy and the best thing at keeping our four month old entertained – aside from his siblings, but they’re not affordable or quiet! The inflatable water play mat is like an inflatable frame that you blow up and then you fill the middle with water yourself. Inside the central panel are foam under-the-sea creatures for your little one to move around with their hands. Lay them on it, with their main body and arms over the water filled part and watch them bang at the creatures and move them around the frame! It’s sensory, fun and seems to capture their attention wonderfully!

Inflatable Water Play May is currently available for around £14

Mumby Teething Mushroom

This is our third time through teething so we thought we’d seen most teething toys but this one is a newbie and it’s one of our favourites – the Mumby Teething Mushroom. Available in three different colours, the teething mushroom is made of a soft silicone material. The firmer ‘stalk’ is the perfect size for little hands to grip on to and contains a small bell rattle that’s highly entertaining for them to wave around (but not loud enough to be annoying: bonus points!). The head is soft and collapses nicely when chewed whilst the little ears and antennae on top are great for popping in their mouths and giving a good chomp. Our four month old is permanently attached to his and finds it far easier to grab onto that the Matchstick Monkey that’s a firm second place on our teething toys roster. It’s cute, a little unusual and super affordable. It comes complete with a storage bag and a dummy style clip to help keep it near to hand.

Mumby Teething Mushroom is currently available for £9.99

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