Best Things to Do on a Weekend in Manchester

Northern cities can sometimes be a little daunting to visit for the first time, with dreary weather and harsh industrial facades of buildings not always creating a welcoming impression. However, scratch beneath the surface and these cities and their inhabitants are some of the friendliest in the country. Manchester is no exception and has long been rivalling London in the night-out stakes. Here are some things you must do when you visit the capital of the north.

Game Your Heart Out

Mancunians are a competitive bunch, with everything from gaming cafes to casinos keeping locals and tourists alike entertained through the week. One of the best casinos in town is Manchester 235, which boasts a Las Vegas-style setup and all the games and tables you would expect. Before you head there, it is always a good idea to get plenty of practice in with back up from a free casino bonus of two, so you actually know what you’re doing when you step inside. 

Watch City or United

Whether you like it or not, football is an intrinsic part of life in Manchester, but rather than fight against it, the best thing to do is to go with the emotional rollercoaster that is match day. Just make sure you know which Manchester-based Premier League team you plan on cheering for, to avoid confused looks from the locals dressed in red and blue glued to TV screens, or marching through the streets.

Football is a huge part of the cultural landscape in Manchester

Music is Everything for Mancunians

Few other UK cities can boast the huge amount of local musical talent that has come out of Manchester over the decades, with everyone from Oasis to The Smiths to the Stone Roses all having started out there. That tradition still lives on in Manchester’s many live music venues, such as the swanky YES or the grungier Soup Kitchen.

Eat and Drink till You Drop

If you thought that typical Mancunian fare was bland or tasteless, you were wrong, because the city has become known for being something of a foodie and craft beer connoisseur’s playground. For incredible Italian cuisine, the Ancoats area of the city is the place to go. Meanwhile, there are also some incredible food markets to plunder, with the stalls at Mackie Mayor being hard to beat.

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