3 Ways A Bullet Journal Can Help You To Keep Your Home In Good Condition

There’s a good chance you’ve come across photos of all sorts of artfully decorated and highly colourful notebooks and planners, attached to the hashtag “Bullet Journal.” While the trend of colourfully decorated Bullet journals has taken off, the original Bullet Journal Method created by Ryder Carroll is very simplistic and minimalistic, and is designed to enable you to get things written down, to keep track of them, in a hurry.

Whichever variation of the Bullet Journal Method you might be interested in, there are various ways in which a Bullet Journal can help you to keep your home in good condition. Here are some of those ways…

By stopping you from forgetting important appointments and dates

There are all sorts of situations where it may be important for you to keep track of appointments and dates, when it comes to keeping your home in good condition. It might be the case, for example, that you have plumbing issues, and have arranged for a blocked drains expert to stop by and sort things out. Clearly, if you forgot about that appointment and were out of town when it was meant to happen, that wouldn’t be very good for your home.

If you don’t have a decent, all-in-one-place system for keeping track of your tasks, to-dos, and appointments, the likelihood that you will forget important things from time to time is radically greater than it would otherwise be. With a Bullet Journal, it becomes much harder to miss those important appointments.

By serving as an excellent way to keep track of chores

Keeping your home in order isn’t all about big one-off actions, or important appointments. Mostly, it’s actually about the small everyday stuff, like how you manage your domestic chores.

One great thing about a Bullet Journal, is that it can be very easy to use yours to keep track of household chores. You could potentially do this right on the calendar page for each month, or you could create a separate section for tracking your chores, where you use a dated checklist format to make sure that you are on track. The Bullet Journal Method has the advantage of being extremely adaptable. You can make it do virtually whatever you want.

By increasing your ability to be mindfully engaged with your surroundings in general

One of the drawbacks of digital task management systems is that they typically make it very easy to store information and notes, only to then more or less completely forget about what you’ve stored.

With the Bullet Journal Method, though, various inbuilt mechanisms ensure that you will constantly be reviewing information on a regular basis, and “migrating” it from month to month, and from notebook to notebook.

The Bullet Journal Method, therefore, goes a long way towards increasing your ability to be mindfully engaged with your note-taking, planning and to-dos. In fact, it can significantly increase your ability to be mindfully engaged with your surroundings in general, since that sort of calm awareness is the kind of skill that tends to carry over from one area to another.

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