Can Anyone Start Learning How To Repair Their Own Appliances and Electronics?

A broken-down kitchen appliance or a damaged phone screen is not something you want to experience in the morning. It disrupts your day, it makes things more difficult and the idea of getting it repaired professionally can make our wallet cry. If you need to work from home and your computer suddenly won’t turn on, then the wait to get it fixed could cost you an entire day’s worth of work. In situations like this, wouldn’t it be great if you knew exactly how to fix those problems yourself?

Thankfully, learning to repair your own appliances and electronics is easier than you might think.

Reasons to learn how to repair your own appliances and electronics

But first, why should we learn how to repair our own appliances and electronics? Isn’t it easier to get a professional to do it, ask a friend or even just replace it?

  • Save money on repairs that could cost a fortune, especially if it’s something like replacing the screen on your phone or a battery for your laptop.
  • Adopt more sustainable practices. Instead of getting rid of something and replacing it, why not fix it up and prevent it from going to a landfill?
  • Make your stuff last longer. This means you’ll save money on buying tech every year since you’ll be holding on to your devices for longer.
  • Learn transferable skills. Repairing things can help you learn new DIY skills that will make you handier around the house.

Do you need to go to classes to learn how to repair things?

You can, but it’s not necessary. All of the information and resources you need to start repairing things can be found online. Whether it’s videos for repairing certain things or schematics to electronic circuits, you can find everything you need online.

Resources to help you learn how to start repairing things

There are a couple of great resources to help you get started. For starters, you’ll want to look up some websites such as Culture of Repair which is a source of information for repairing tools, parts and instruction manuals. You could also search on YouTube for videos as a visual guide to repairing certain things.

Buying parts and tools for your repairs

Repairing electronics and appliances usually means that you’ll need to look up the model number of the part that you need to replace or fix. In most cases, you’ll be able to buy a drop-in replacement for a relatively affordable price. This will help you repair your appliance or electronic device without needing to understand the inner workings of each part.

Should you handle all repairs yourself?

We wouldn’t recommend trying to handle all of your repairs yourself. The reason for this is because there are some repairs (such as those relating to electricity) that could put you in danger if you’re inexperienced. We’d suggest getting an expert to help you handle those kinds of repairs since it’ll be safer, faster and often cheaper.

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