Could you benefit from transition lenses? 5 reasons to make the switch

Transition lenses have been around for a while now and they’re an incredible feat of vision technology, automatically shifting from dark lenses in bright environments to lighter lenses in low light. This kind of technology comes will all kinds of benefits, but if you’ve never considered transition lenses before you may be wondering why else you should invest in these clever and highly convenient vision solutions. Here we’ll explore how you could benefit from transition lens glasses, with 5 specific reasons to make the switch. 

You’re always misplacing your glasses

We’ve all done it, headed to the beach or been driving in the car and we suddenly need our sunglasses to shield our eyes. But, of course – they’re nowhere to be found! Having more than one pair of glasses to manage often means losing or misplacing specific frames when you need them the most. When you have transition lenses, you get two pairs in one! With the vision correction you need from your regular glasses and the added protection and convenience of transitioning lenses, you’ll only ever need one pair, whatever the weather is doing.

You want to save money

If you’re conscious of your budget, or you’re not prepared to pay a small fortune for prescription sunglasses, then transition lenses could be the perfect solution. As you get the benefit of adaptive lenses, you won’t need to worry about paying for prescription sunglasses. They’re incredibly versatile and you’ll no longer need to switch between numerous pairs. 

You’re style-conscious

For some people, being able to express their personality through their sense of style is important. And finding the right pair of glasses is essential for their signature look. If you’re worried that transition lenses will cramp your style, then think again. These adaptive and versatile lenses can be fitted in any frame. So, whether you’re someone who is rocking the geek-chic trend, you want something practical but stylish for the school run or you want to dress for success, transition lenses tick all the fashion boxes. 

You’re always ready

Whether you’re a busy parent, chasing the kids indoors and out again or busy running errands all day, it’s good to know that your eyewear is ready when you are! These reactive lenses will change with the light environment around you. Giving you the best possible vision without being too dark, or too light. 

And finally, you want to protect your vision

We should all do more to protect our eyesight. While eating for eye health and quitting habits like smoking will certainly help preserve your vision, investing in transition lenses will help keep your eyes protected from harmful UV and UVB rays of the sun. This protection means you’re less likely to damage your vision and you’re also less likely to strain your eyes in bright light. That means fewer headaches and more comfort. Also, if you’re someone who spends a lot of time using digital devices, then your transition lenses can also offer blue light protection. Reducing the effect of blue light and eye strain. 

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