How To Create The Perfect Master Bathroom

When it comes to decorating the perfect home, there’s always going to be a bunch of things that you need to try and do. But it can definitely be hard to try and do it all at once. Or to find the inspiration and energy to you need to get started. Yes, you know that you want to be able to build yourself a cosy home, but at the same time, you also want to ensure that you’re creating each room with the right intention. And this is why it’s often a good idea to go room by room. That way, you get to put your attention on one room at a time to ensure that it’s looking great and finished before you try to take on anything else.

Of all the rooms in the house, there are always a handful that are fun to work on because they’re great to design and when they’re finished, you’re always excited to use them. The bathroom is always one of them. But this is always taken up a notch when it comes to the master bathroom. It’s your own little retreat and you’re going to want to be able to pamper yourself to death in there without the influx of children’s toys. So the space has to be perfect. Let’s take a look at some of the things you could work into the space to make this happen.

Look For Inspiration

First of all, you’re going to want to think about how you want this room to look and feel. It’s important to come up with some ideas that you know you like. Take a look at some of the inspiration that you find online, and see if there are any elements that you like, that you can use as inspiration for your suite. Personally, this is where I turn to Pinterest; it’s the ideal place to collate ideas and design inspo and has something there to suit absolutely every taste. Set yourself up an account on your phone and spend your evenings pinning ideas until your heart’s content.

Choose Your Theme

When you’ve done that, you’re then in the perfect position to be able to choose a theme for your suite. As you’re looking at inspiration, you should start to see that themes are coming through. It might be a good idea to try and match this a little with your bedroom so that there is some cohesion. For me, I enjoy a very neutral, classic theme. Nothing too out there and something simple, that way it’s timeless! 

Select A Relaxing Bath

Now, one of the best things that you get to work into your master bathroom suite is the bath. If you have the space for it, that is. But if you can make some room, it’s definitely worth it. And you’ll find that bateau bathtubs can add luxury to your bathroom too. So take a look at the different options that you have, and then you will find that your bathroom feels so luxurious and indulgent.

Go For An Indulgent Shower

And, if there’s room, you might also want to think about getting a separate, indulgent shower. You may also find that you need to have a shower on its own and not a bath if you don’t have the space, so make sure that you choose your en-suite shower wisely. It’s likely to be the part of the bathroom that you’re using daily, so it’s important for you to be able to choose a model that’s suitable. Most houses if they have two bathrooms will prioritise a bath in the main family bathroom and a shower in an en-suite for ease. Unless you’re a big shower fan like me, then it’s a no brainer! 

Choose Pampering Extras

Then you can work on some of the more fun elements when you’ve selected the main items for your suite, you’re then going to want to work in some areas that are for pampering. Perhaps you fancy a shelf inside the shower to store bottles of shampoo? You’ll mainly want to think about your vanity area. Do you want a set space to get ready at? His and hers sinks? A particular kind of mirror? If you have the room, then definitely make a show of this pampering space.

Work In Storage

Remember that you need to work on the practical elements too. So you will need to ensure that you’re able to allocate some storage around the space. This can be tricky to work out when you want it to look great. But there are plenty of bathroom storage ideas that you can work with. So see if you can blend storage in with a stylish finish and be clever about where you put it – around the sink can work well to disguise pipework whilst floating storage can still give the illusion of plenty of floor space.

Dress To Impress

Finally, you’re going to want to make sure that you can dress the space up. And this is essential. You will always want to ensure that the space is finished to a high standard. If you just work on the suite and that’s it, you will find that it looks a little empty. It will feel unfinished too. So handpick perfect towels. Choose sweet little decorative touches to dot around the space. And even work on the atmosphere, ready to use the space too.

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    What a brilliant & superb design idea this is! Really great & beautiful. Definitely will follow you for creating perfect bathroom. Thanks for your post!

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