Creating An Art Collage Wall

Do you have a large wall in one of the rooms of your house which you just can’t seem to get looking the way you want it to? When we start decorating our homes it is easy for us to get carried away with the little things and struggle knowing what to do with big spaces. A blank wall can make a home look dull and boring, and if you want to breathe some life back into it you can use a collage wall to do just that.

A collage wall is a collection of paintings or photographs which you love which can come in all shapes and sizes and will fill your wall space and make it look like a gallery. It can be a great way to add some colour and life to a room and here’s how you can make one of your own. This one below is from our old computer room (now nursery!), it was one of my favourite walls in the house and I can’t wait to re-create it in another room shortly.

Pick Your Images

The first step to creating a collage wall is to pick the images you want for the space. It could be that you have a few family photos you adore, maybe a few landscapes which remind you of holidays you have been on and perhaps some art which you children have drawn. Pick out around 12 different images and have them ready for the next stage.

Mix It Up With Quotes

One fun element you can add to your collage wall is quotes. To break up all of the vivid colour on your walls it can be helpful for you to add a white page quote or two to add some interest and take the eyes away for a moment. You don’t have to do this of course, but it can be a handy trick.

Play With Colours

When you come to choose your lockable poster frames and picture frames for the wall you don’t have to stick to one colour or style. The whole idea of a gallery wall is to make each piece feel totally unique and this can be helped by picking different frames to match each specific piece. It doesn’t matter if the colours don’t match because this is the look you will be going for on the wall.

Choose Various Sizes

As well as the colours and styles of the frames, you will want to choose 3 different sizes for your images and don’t be afraid to choose both portrait and landscape images too. The idea of making a collage is not for everything to be uniform, it should look a little chaotic and more organic and this can be where the character comes from.

Practice With Paper First

Paper is a godsend when you are looking to arrange a collage on the wall because once you stick the frames to the wall or hang them up, it can be hard to undo. Think about taking some paper in the same sizes as your frames and arranging them on the wall to see what it would look like. As you find an arrangement you like you can take each piece down one by one and replace it with the real thing.

Hang Carefully

Having had to take our wall down to make way for a larger print, I’d definitely recommend taking care when you hang them the first time – our wall is full of little nail marks and chipped plaster. Next time, I’ll be using something more wall friendly like Command Hooks. Trust me, future you will thank you!

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