Wanted: An Evening Of Pure Comfort

If there’s one thing that I prize in life, it’s my time on the sofa in the evenings. From the moment I prise open an eye at 1am to greet the toddler into our bed, it’s all I can think about. Time to relax with no-one there making demands or trying to cling on to me. Suffice to say, with two small children it’s a rarity so is it really any wonder that I crave it so much?

Over the last few weeks I’ve been thinking of ways to really make the most of that time. It’s in those limited hours after bedtime and dinner that I cram in some home-working on the day job, blog work, general life admin and chatting away on social media. If I can do it with the telly on in the background to catch up on shows then it’s even better. Practically perfect you might say!

The only thing that’s holding me back of late is comfort levels. As much as I’d love to be laid flat, we all know that the minute that happens I’ve lost all chance of getting any work done. Sitting upright leaves me hunched over a computer screen and lying on my stomach makes my back stiffen up. What can I say; three years of hefting kids in and out of car seats and cots has finally taken it’s toll; my back is definitely feeling the strain. As I write this I’ve managed to find a semi reclined position thanks to six cushions and another one on my lap to bring the laptop up higher for typing. It’s precarious to say the least. One wrong sneeze and I’ll be buried in soft furnishings.

Most of the night I’ve spent staring away at recliner chairs from Fenetic Wellbeing instead of working. One of Dave’s relatives has had these recently installed in her home and the comfort levels are next level. The ultimate answer to my comfort conundrum; a fully adjustable, beautifully upholstered chair that has an infinite number of different positions thanks to some snazzy electric controls that’ll let you adjust pretty much every part of it – including lumbar control for that dodgy lower back of mine. They can even help raise you up to make standing up easier, which is particularly useful if you’ve got someone a little older around or someone struggling with back or hip problems. Think of the hours I could spend perfecting the perfect recline!

Not only that but it’s fitted with a USB charger, which would solve my other nightly woe of a rapidly dying phone and the nearest socket being miles away. Frankly that’s enough to sell me on them and I know the toddler would be keen (I may be less keen on that thought!) but I may have to do a little more convincing on Dave over the next few weeks. Perhaps if I keep asking him to help me adjust my current pillow mountain he’ll give in… anything for the comfortable life eh?!

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