Fed up of the smell of smoke in your house? Get rid of it for good with these tips

Does your house smell of smoke? If you live with a smoker or you’re a smoker yourself, you might find yourself feeling a little conscious when you have people over to visit. Is the smell in your clothes and in your hair? What about your soft furnishings?

If you’re the smoker, then you may struggle to smell the smoke for yourself but feel mortified when you realise it’s a problem that you’ve created. If you’re sick of the stench, or you want to quit smoking for good, then eliminating the smell of smoke from your home is a good place to start. Here we’ll take a look at how you can get rid of the smell of smoke for good with these tips. 

Switch to vaping

If you want to get rid of the smell of smoke, but you’re not ready to give up your nicotine just yet, then don’t worry, there is a way you have the best of both worlds. By making the switch to vaping products – like the ones on this website – you’ll still get to enjoy nicotine but without the dangerous chemicals and the lingering smell of cigarette smoke. 

Ashtrays and paraphernalia 

Ashtrays, ash, tar and cigarette butts all give off the stench of lingering cigarette smoke, so getting rid of the unpleasant odour at the source is the best place to start. Empty all your ashtrays, clean them thoroughly, dispose of all cigarette ends safely and remove any other smoking paraphernalia from your property.

Air out your home

There’s nothing better than fresh air, so throw those windows open and allow fresh, clean air to flow through your home. You’ll soon notice the difference as the stale smoke leaves your property. If you want a little help, place fans in the rooms and have them pointing at the windows, it will help speed up the process.

Wash everything

Cigarette smoke lingers and saturates all things fabric. Which is why your clothes often smell after smoking or being around those that do. This means that all your soft furnishings will need to be washed thoroughly to get the stench of stale smoke out of them. Curtains, cushion covers, your sofa, pillows, all your clothes and even your carpet will need to be cleaned to get the smell of smoke out of your property for good. Hire a carpet cleaner, send items to the dry cleaner and don’t be afraid to strip down your cushions and sofa to get it washed.

Don’t forget your decorations

If you have wall hangings or even canvases in your property, then they’ll also need to be washed thoroughly to help remove the smell of smoke. If you’re unsure of how to clean them, check out an online guide.

Plants are your friends!

Did you know that some houseplants have air-purifying qualities? Some house plants are ideal for freshening your home and they make it look good too!  

Final thoughts

The best way to get rid of the smoke from your home is to quit smoking for good. Reach out to your GP for advice. 

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