Five Kitchen Essentials for Every Cook

Cooking is one of the most common hobbies for millions of people all over the world. However, without quality cooking equipment and essentials, the brilliant job of a pro cook might turn into a total nightmare. In this post, you will find all the necessary info about the kitchen tools every chef and beginner cook needs. 


According to numerous professional cooks, the blender is the number one kitchen equipment. The fact is that it can easily automate the job usually done by your hands, as well as save tons of your time and effort. Not to mention, it is necessary to buy a blender rather than a common food processor that can only slice fruit and vegetables or make a pastry. The reason is that a blender is the only kitchen accessory that can transform various products into a liquid state. 

You can prepare various ingredients and make independent courses using a blender. For example, this kitchen tool will help you prepare a tasty smoothie or creamy soup. The number of blenders available on the market might seem overwhelming. Just pay attention to the power of the equipment, its modes, and advanced options. Beginner cooks might not need extremely expensive blenders developed for true chefs. Most experts recommend choosing a stand-up blender that can blend both cold and hot ingredients. 

Y-shaped Peeler 

Most culinary enthusiasts and pro chefs prefer using y-shaped peelers to peel various fruits and vegetables. The reason for the popularity of this kitchen tool is that it is amazingly convenient and easy to use. When choosing a peeler, pay attention to its steel and handle. The handle should be super handy. Why do you need a peeler? The fact is that it can speed up the process of making salads and peeling the veggies up to three times. Thus, you will have an opportunity to cook faster and more effectively. Moreover, your fruits and vegetables will be perfectly peeled off and will not contain any dark points or other imperfections. Not to mention, you can also shave cheese like parmesan using a y-shaped peeler. 

Chef Knife

This tool is also one of the fundamental accessories for your kitchen. A quality chef knife should be handy, easy to use, and well-balanced. Most experts recommend buying chef knives of the popular brands to ensure their excellent quality. However, not only do you need the chef to make delicious dishes fast. You will need to gain some basic knife skills to cope with your culinary tasks within the shortest terms. This way, you will soon become a true pro in cutting and slicing various types of products. 

Cutting Board 

There is nothing new that the cutting boards are made from different materials and come in different sizes. If you are new to cooking, it is necessary to have at least 3-4 different cutting boards of different sizes. The fact is that you will use different cutting boards for cutting vegetables, meat, fish, and other products. Although plastic cutting boards are usually cheap and convenient, most professionals recommend choosing wood alternatives. Still, a bamboo cutting board is still fine. Note: glass cutting boards might be dangerously slippery, so they are better avoided. 

Measuring Spoons 

The culinary process often appears to be a process of creating a true masterpiece. Therefore, it is important to be extremely careful when measuring different products. The fact is that wrong measures might easily spoil the taste of your dish. Therefore, having a set of measuring spoons is a must for every cook. It is better to buy the spoons with ends shaped like half-spheres since they’ll serve you well for straight measurements. Moreover, using measuring spoons might save you hours of free time. 

The list of the most important cooking essentials is not complete. It is also highly recommended to have a colander, tongs, a fine-mesh sieve, a sheet tray, and other tools. 

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