Five Reasons Why You NEED A Beach Hut In Your Life

Are you thinking of getting a beach hut? Whether you live at the beach or are a regular visitor, beach huts are a British institution and surely the most iconic part of any beach trip here in the UK. If you’re considering it but aren’t quite ready to take the plunge yet, then this one’s for you. We’re sharing five reasons why you need a beach hut in your life, because we can guarantee it’ll make your life better!

Less Effort, More Fun

The beach is calling! Found the towels? The rug to sit on? The beach games? The buckets and spades? Grabbed the body boards? Located the wind-break? Fab, you’re ready to go. Now to get everything into the car (easy), and everyone in the car (less easy!), then everyone out of the car, load yourself up with all the ‘stuff’ and manage the children through the carpark and on to the beach, whilst looking like a packhorse. Suddenly that effortless beach trip feels like a lot more effort, doesn’t it?

Our number one reason for beach hut ownership? You can leave it all at the beach! That’s right, one trip down at the start of the season and you’re good to go. Simply bring your clean swimmers and towel and leave the rest there (don’t forget your beach hut insurance so that everything is protected). When your beach trip is this effortless we can guarantee you’ll spend even more time there, and you’ll enjoy every moment – even the getting there part!

Privacy in a public space

A beach hut provides you and your family with privacy in a space that’s often lacking the option. Being able to shut yourself into a space that’s just for you can be just the tonic needed from a busy beach. As a lover of a dip in the sea, we can’t share these top reasons without mentioning that a beach hut gives you that changing room you need – something many of us would happily take over attempting to shimmy out of a wet swimming costume and back into pants without accidentally flashing the entire beach!

Beach, Whatever The Weather

Rainy showers or blazing sun, the only thing reliable about the British weather is its unreliability. We’ve all been there when your day is cut short by a sudden downpour of rain (we’ve even had hail before!), but in recent years we’ve also found that the sun can cause just as much of an issue. With no shade at most beaches, the sun can be incredibly unforgiving, especially for younger children. With a beach hut you’ve got an ideal space to return to if you need to get off of the beach – whether that’s to shelter from the rain, hide from a bitter wind or to take a break from the sun at the peak of the day, a beach hut provides exactly the sanctuary you’ll need without cutting your beach trip short.

Earn A Little Extra

You’ll need to check the rules for your area but in many places you can earn a little extra by renting out your beach hut to others when you’re not using it. Beach huts need maintenance and you’ll have annual fees to pay for your pitch, as well as any costs for decor, so supplementing your income by renting it out to others can be really handy in making your beach hut pay for itself.

Join A New Community

There’s a special kind of community between beach hut owners – one that’s built up from mornings, afternoons and evenings spent co-existing in close proximity over the season. We’ve seen first hand that community pull together to help repair damage caused by storms or to celebrate birthdays and holidays together. But my favourite to see? The evenings where you’ll find groups gathered together across a number of beach huts, sharing a cup of tea (or something stronger!). The best bit? It’s not defined by generation or age; from young to old, it’s all about living alongside one another and supporting one another in a very genuine and pure way… the beach hut owning community is just fab!


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