Five Tips to Transform Your Garden

With summer finally upon us now is the time to ensure your garden is looking its best. The great outdoors has become your social space like never before in the last year and now the season is upon you to finally be able to enjoy being outside with some decent weather! Hosting events in your garden seems to be the best option for socialising on a larger scale this summer so here are some great tips to get your garden spruced up for summer.

Repaint your gate and fences

You’ll be amazed at how much freshly painted gates and fences can brighten up your garden and make it look totally rejuvenated. Make sure you pick a day when it’s not forecast to rain as this will ruin your paintwork before you even get started. Consider painting with bright colours such as yellow or red to really brighten up your outdoor space. Putting some time and effort into creating a beautiful garden path can also work wonders.

Create a sociable seating area

When inviting friends round for the afternoon/evening having a comfortable designated seating area is a must. Invest in an outdoor sofa or some comfortable chairs as well as an extendable table which can be altered depending on how many guests you decide to invite. However, before you do think about your seating, get in touch with a deck builder who can create the perfect area to position your new garden furniture.

Plant a herb garden

Planting a herb garden close to the house is a great way to save money on supermarket herbs and can add some delicious fragrances to your garden. Rather than spending money on pots or going to the bother of digging a plot to plant them in, reuse old jars from jams and sauces. This will give your herb garden a quirky look and will allow you to relocate it to the best area of your garden as the seasons change. 

Put in some lighting

Outdoor lights are a must if you are going to be entertaining in the evening. Solar powered lights are a great option as they charge up during the day and will retain enough power to stay on throughout the evening. Stringing fairy lights along your fence or around your outdoor seating area adds a magical touch.

Invest in some outdoor heating

Whilst the days may be warm the temperature does tend to drop as soon as the sun goes down so some outdoor heating is essential. A good patio heater, which range from fire pits to electric or gas heaters, will keep you and your guests warm well into the night! It’s also worth investing in some blankets to hand out to your guests to keep you all extra toasty.

Following these excellent tips will be sure to make your garden the place everyone will want to be this summer. 

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