Four Small Fixes that Could Boost the Value of Your Home

When it comes to our homes, most of us want to ensure a continued growth in value. Although we can’t influence the property market, there are many things that we can do to boost its appeal. This doesn’t have to involve renovation, rebuilding and huge amounts of spending. In fact, the smallest changes can often have the largest effect in heightening profitability.

So, let’s explore what little amendments could make the biggest difference to boost the value of your home…

Wall Décor

We all appreciate a nice bit of wall art, especially when we’re visiting a venue. The right wall décor can dramatically increase aesthetic appeal for prospective buyers of a house or apartment, too. Even better, photos, wall hangings and posters are perfect for hiding any blemishes or stains. This is particularly helpful if you’re wanting to sell but don’t have the time to redecorate.

And you don’t have to break the bank for costly items – you could even use old photographs, fabrics and tickets for adornments. This is just one way to easily and affordably increase the value of your home. If you don’t want to put fixings in the wall, try propping large posters up or using command strip style fixings that remove easily.

Do It Yourself

Small issues like holes in walls and stuck windows can affect property value more than you might expect. Given this, checking for necessary repairs far in advance could save embarrassment when you come to advertise your abode on the market. Because these kinds of tasks can be performed without a professional, they needn’t set us back financially either, especially if you start collating a small tool kit. With the help of reliable tool storage, the likes of which is offered by specialists like SGS Engineering, we can begin to make our homes more sellable immediately and learn new skills along the way!

Enhance Brightness

Because of its various health benefits, light can really enhance the mood of a space. That’s why we often feel better in brighter rooms. Therefore, something as easy as clearing the area around each window in your home, both inside and out to maximise the amount of natural light it lets in could vastly improve people’s perception of it. This in turn could strengthen property value immensely.

For areas that are naturally dark, use mirrors to reflect light around the room and make it feel like a brighter space. You can use light to your benefit by making a space that feels bright during the day time but using curtains and blinds that block out light to make it cosier for sleeping etc.

Add More Colour and Texture

Like natural light, certain colours can elicit particular moods from different people. And so, choosing the right shade for our walls, curtains or rugs could influence how people – including interested investors – feel about our house or apartment. Specific textures can also add more richness to a space. Luckily, expensive paint and rugs aren’t necessary: the simple addition of a bright fabric or canvas can exert a big difference on a room. Therefore, we can increase the probability of investment through these simple – and cost-effective – additions.

With these small fixes, making our homes more lucrative doesn’t have to be expensive or difficult. Actually, throwing ourselves into these simple tasks could be fun and profitable, making small tweaks to your home is one of my favourite things to do and knowing it could be improving the value is an added bonus! 

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