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Gardening with kids: only benefits! 

Spring is on its way! As parents we all know the importance of being outside with our children and the amazing health benefits that come with nice weather. We also know that gardening can have a therapeutic effect on our bodies. But did you know that gardening can also have a lot of developmental benefits for children. And this won’t cost much money at all. Using tulip bulbs for sale can be a nice and cheap way to introduce your child in the wonderful world of gardening, without spending too much money or time on it. And the benefits that comes with this are unbelievable! 

Introduce them to new foods 

Gardening can be done lots of different ways. Planting original dutch tulip bulbs is one way to make your child interested in the nature around them. But you can also try to introduce them not only to gardening, but also to new kinds of healthy food. Eating healthy food is very important for the brain and body development. Getting your child to eat lots of fruits and veggies can be a hard thing to do. Studies have shown that children are more likely to eat healthy and different foods when they are exposed to it from an early age and see how they grow. By having them grow their own lettuce and carrots, they will experience a sense of pride in eating what they grow themselves. That’s why they are more likely to eat and try new foods. 

Improve fine motor skills 

Lots of children have poor fine motor skills nowadays. Experts believe this is a result of using tablets and smartphones from a very early age. Children don’t colour quite as often and aren’t experiencing lots of creative activities. When going to school for the first time, their academic skills can be delayed because a lack of fine motor skills. This makes writing and cutting much more difficult. 

Luckily, there are lots of ways to improve the fine motor skills without having to colour or participate in creative activities. Gardening is one of them. Your child will need to scoop up dirt or place the seeds in pots. Pouring water will take lots of fine motor skills to control their own strength. By gardening once in a while, your child will not only improve his or her fine motor skills, but also their academic skills. 

Family bonding 

Kids love to be with their parents. It’s even better when they participate in their imagination or play. Some parents find it hard to play with their children in this way. Family bonding can be done lots of different ways. By spending just thirty minutes in the garden, your child will have a wonderful experience. Just by being with his or her parents. A tradition that carries well into childhood. This shows what an impact gardening together can have. 

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