Hawksbeck – Get your garden summer ready with a garden room

Since the pandemic, garden rooms have become a game changer in the world of home improvement. With summer just around the corner and the weather already hitting sooner-than-expected warmer temperatures, now is an ideal time to get your garden ready for summer with a garden room. From the garden rooms design, planning and construction, Hawksbeck work with their clients to make sure they are perfectly happy with their garden room – so you’d be in control. Your garden room can be designed to your vision, budget, and garden. So, whether it’s a summer party you’re planning, a shaded getaway or a gym, you can get your dream garden room. 

Your own Personal Retreat

Garden rooms do not usually require planning permission and have a quick and easy installation. Because of this, setting up your own personal retreat and decorating it to your vision has never been easier. Their versatility allows them to be whatever you want them to be. Whether you’re planning a summer party, want a private summer gym or want a place to relax with nature, want a space to expand on a growing hobby or simply want to enjoy the warmer evenings after work – you can adapt your summer room to whatever you desire. 

Tune in with your Creative Flair

With a garden room, you can really capture your creative side and personalise your space with seemingly endless design options! You could even have more than one room, so it can be multifunctional. For example, having an office in one room, then in another, having a leisure space with a TV. This allows space to work away from the house, especially as hybrid working has become the norm for some companies, and a space to enjoy down-time with the whole family. You can also have sound-proofed dividing walls to stop sound penetrating into the next room.

Keeping it cool

Hawksbeck are leading the way in creating beautiful, bespoke garden rooms that are built to building regulation standards. This is done by using Structurally Insulated Panels (SIPs). SIP manufacturers are award-winning and offer different thickness of SIP panels, which offer different levels of insulation. Rest assured, in summer you’ll be kept cool and in winter, you’ll be kept warm. 

Lighting the way in Garden Rooms

Natural light is a huge component of a summer-ready garden room, as it can help make a room feel bigger than what it is. Wide bifold doors, sliding glass doors and multiple glazed panels or windows in the room all can achieve this effect, but when deciding how many windows or glazing you want – you need to consider your own privacy first and how much privacy you want for your garden room.If privacy is an important factor to you and your design, you can supplement any natural light with interior light. You can choose from a range of direct down lights, discreet LED ambient lights, spotlights, and lightbulbs. Or if you prefer more ambient lighting for late summer nights, warm lights such as fairy lighting and lamps are ideal!

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