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Decorating; it’s what makes a house a home in my opinion. It’s what defines a space, taking it from modern to traditional, cool to warm and everything in between. It’s my favourite part of home renovating. It’s quick, simple and shouldn’t cost the earth, providing you’ve got the right equipment. Not only that but it’s one of my favourite ways to quickly spruce up your home. Here’s an insight into some of my home decorating essentials, what would be yours?

Renovating our house with bidvine

Brushes & Rollers

First things first, you need a good selection of brushes and rollers. My preference is always to have a small angled brush for cutting in, a wider brush for those hard to reach areas that can’t quite fit a roller plus a different brush for woodwork. You’ll get a better finish if you use a roller on the walls and ceiling (plus you’ll save hours of work); a medium pile will give you a lightly textured finish that hides a multitude of sins. My tip? Purchase a roller grid to help remove excess paint prior to attempting to roller the walls, you’ll save huge amounts of paint splashes and get a more even finish.

Masking Tape

Ahhh masking tape, the often ignored staple of any decorating task. Put simply, a little work at the start of your project will make it a far easier task in the long run. If you’re painting skirting, place tape around the floor, tight up against the skirting. This provides a clean surface for you to be painting next to and stops you picking up bits of cement and dust as you go by giving you an easy space to keep clean. Mask up against windows, hinges and any fittings if required. Basically, mask everything.. you’ll thank me for it later!


Whilst colour is important, you also need to consider coverage. I’m a huge fan of the Dulux range; not only do they have colour matching abilities, but their selection of paint types is hard to match. Try the ‘magic white matt’ for a ceiling coverage with a difference; it paints on pink but fades to brilliant white within an hour. Looking to freshen up woodwork? Try their oil based eggshell? I’m yet to find a woodwork product to beat it!


I speak from experience when I say that the worst bit about decorating is the mess. Regardless of how hard I try, I always end up coating myself with just as much paint as the walls. One simple way to stop this is to use a disposable coverall. Yes, it may not be the most attractive of looks, but it’s functional and makes cleaning up a far faster job. It’s also far more cost effective than ruining your ‘normal’ wardrobe!

Floor Coverings

If you’re decorating a room that’s partially finished, it’s worth considering floor coverings to protect your floor from paint and dirt. A poly sheet masking tape gives you a thin floor covering that has tape pre attached to it, allowing you to quickly and securely cover an area. Once finished, simply pull it up off the floor and dispose. The plus side of this? It also helps to keep your painting area clean from any existing ground dirt – especially for external work.

A Handy Backup

The most important essential for home decorating? A supplier you can trust to support your renovation journey. Try Engelbert Strauss. A family owned, UK company, Engelbert Strauss list an extensive range of tools and equipment, workwear, safety shoes and more. Everything in this guide, with the exception of the paint, is available from them – making them an essential resource for us DIY-ers!

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