How To Boost Your Holiday Spending Money

There’s nothing more exciting than knowing you have a big family holiday booked and that it’s creeping ever closer. Whether you’re heading away for a week with the whole family, or you and your partner are just getting away from it all, there’s something so special about the much anticipated (and needed) summer holiday. Like most things these days – they aren’t cheap. Many prefer to book their holiday well in advance paying off a little each month, however that doesn’t always leave much room for spending money…

Kids ice creams, activities, meals out, drinks in the sun, souvenirs, water parks, even extra bottles of sun cream and sunglasses, it all adds up pretty quickly – for information about investments and investment pieces check out this site – so with all this in mind, I’ve rounded up 4 cash boosting tips that could help you add a little extra money to your holiday fund.

Check your wardrobe

Part of the excitement of heading off on holiday is going to the shops and buying yourself, your partner and the kids a whole new holiday wardrobe! But did you know that you probably don’t need to spend as much as you think? Before you hit the shops, go through everyone’s wardrobe, cupboards and drawers and see if there is anything from last year that could be used again. Summer clothes often get pushed to the back of the wardrobe under all our heavy Winter clothes, so have a good look. Things like summer hats and sunglasses are usually hiding at home somewhere, and there’s nothing wrong with hand-me-downs for the kids! Doing this could certainly save you some extra cash.

Say no to takeaways

They’re the perfect way to welcome in the weekend – especially after a tiring week. And while takeaways are good for our mood, they aren’t so good for our savings! Instead of ordering in, try to replicate a takeaway at home, or see what replications your local supermarket has. Try not to think of it as denying the family a treat – just think of all the amazing food and treats you can have on holiday instead!

Do things that are free

With the warmer weather approaching, family days out to water parks, petting zoos, theme parks and the cinema etc are things to look forward to. However if you’re hoping to boost your holiday spending money, try to choose activities that are free instead. Long walks through national forests with a picnic, days at the beach with a well-stocked cooler box, bike rides, try to choose places of interest that request a donation rather than an entrance fee. Or head to your local library and see what free sessions and activities they have coming up.

Cancel your streaming services

Sure the kids might be up in arms about it, but if you have more than one TV streaming service then consider cancelling the most expensive ones and putting the money aside for the holiday. You can always re-subscribe when you’re home again!

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