How to Choose the Correct Shoes for Kids This Summer

Sunshine is stretching like a giant yawn across the sky, and that means one thing. It’s time to ditch those winter boots and find some shoes that are more “flip-flop and play” than “snowball fight!” like cushion bear slides.  Picking shoes for your kids can sometimes be tricky. They see the latest trends, and all they want to do is rock them, even if those sparkly sandals aren’t exactly built for climbing trees. This guide will turn you into the shoe-picking champion so your adventurer can conquer summer in style and comfort!

Why is Picking the Right Shoes Important?

Summer calls for happy adventures, but the wrong shoes can put a damper on the fun. So, your kid must wear the correct shoes during summer. Such a shoe should be:

  • Comfortable
  • Offer support
  • Offer protection

How to Pick the Correct Summer Shoes for Your Kids

While choosing the right shoes for your kids, you should consider the following:

1. Comfort

Summer gets cramped with different activities. Imagine tiny toes tap-dancing through fields, splashing on sandy shores, or rocketing across playgrounds. To keep those happy moments, comfort rules. You should pick shoes that will fit these different adventures. 

Lightweight materials like mesh and leather are like air conditioners for feet. They keep the feet cool and comfy even on the hottest days. Sandals with adjustable straps are perfect for the beach, while sneakers are awesome for park days. 

2. Supportive Soles

The sole of a shoe is super important when picking a shoe. It can be the difference between bad posture and sore muscles. Ensure your child’s shoes have plenty of support for their growing feet.  Look for pairs with cushy insides and strong arch support.

It’s why pre-owned shoes may not be a good fit, as most of them have worn-out soles. They also assumed the feet shape of the former owner and will have some friction spots that undermine comfort. Not to mention, purchasing pre-owned shoes is one way to spread foot infections.

3. Sizing Up the Situation

Yes, Cinderella’s glass slipper wasn’t quite right. Sizing for fashion items can sometimes get controversial. Your kid’s shoe size from one brand may not be a great fit when compared to that from a different brand of the same size! This simply means that while shoe size serves as a guide, it does little to determine the perfect fit.

To avoid anguished meltdowns with shoe fit, measure your child’s feet regularly and always try on shoes before you buy them. If your child will wear socks with the shoe, factor this in based on the thickness of the socks.

4. Talking to the Shoe Experts

Sometimes, picking shoes can feel like a lot of work. Shoe store experts are trained to offer their expertise tailored to meet your needs. These experts are adept at taking your child’s foot measurements and recommending suitable shoes for them.


Finally, let your kids be part of the process. Take them to the shoe store in the evening hours as the feet are largest at that time. This will make the bought shoe a good fit for busy days when the feet are a bit swollen.

Remember that children’s feet grow fast. So you should leave at least half an inch of wiggle room between the big toe and the shoe. This makes extra room for growth without compromising comfort.


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