How to Deal with Your Menstrual Cycle When You Are on Holiday 

Getting your period on holiday can be a pain at best and a nightmare at worst, especially if you have unpredictable or heavy periods. If you are fed up with your period ruining all of your holidays and making you feel ill, here are some top tips to help you to deal with your menstrual cycle when you are away from home and planning to enjoy yourself.

Pack Period Products

There is nothing worse than starting your period on holiday unexpectedly, only to realise that you are completely unprepared. Instead of hoping for the best, even if you are normally regular, you should make sure that you pack enough period products to last you the week, or at least to help you if you are caught out. This will prevent you from having to scour the shops in your destination, or use period products that are sub-par and that you find uncomfortable. This means that you will be able to relax in the knowledge that you can sort out any period-related disasters quickly and that you will not have to panic if you do get your period when abroad and in an unfamiliar location where you cannot find the items that you need.

Take Norethisterone

However, if you are extremely reluctant to have your period when you travel, for instance, when you want to enjoy an active holiday or dip into the pool or the sea without worrying about tampons, you should consider taking norethisterone to delay periods. This is a tablet that contains a synthetic version of progesterone. This allows it to potentially delay your period for over two weeks if you wish it to. Although you might be worried about how to acquire these tablets, you are able to order them from an online chemist after a short consultation. This will then allow you to travel far and wide with the assurance that you will not start bleeding suddenly.

Use Painkillers

Sometimes, all you can do is take pain medication or use other pain-killing products to subdue the pain that you are experiencing from your period and make it more manageable. This means that you should consider packing tablets like paracetamol and ibuprofen in your suitcase. If you are flying with these tablets, you should check the restrictions of the country that you are traveling to. However, tablets like paracetamol are usually fine, although you should make sure that they are in their original packaging and you might think about checking them to rule out any issues.

Track Your Period

You might also try to stop your menstrual cycle from interfering with your holiday by tracking your period. This can allow you to work out whether you will be on your period while you are traveling, and you might even decide to plan your holiday around when you will be on your period. You might also decide to enjoy certain activities on certain days depending on where you are in your cycle. You could also track your symptoms, and this can be made especially easy by downloading an app that can help you to do this.

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