How To Encourage And Support Your Child’s New Hobby

When your child picks up a new hobby, it’s lovely to see them throw all their creativity and passion into the project. They’re having fun, they’re spending their time constructively, and you’re keen to see them follow their dreams. After all, around 50% of people with a hobby want to turn it into a career, and encouraging your child when they’re young can ensure they really enjoy their work life as an adult! So if you want to better support your child’s hobbies, but you’re not quite sure how, here are some ideas you can put to good use. 

Ask Them How it’s Going

Talking to your child about their hobby is the best way to show you care about what they get up to. Showing an active interest lets kids know that their parents are there for them! Even if you’ve heard it all before, have the chat again! It happens from time to time, but silence around something a child enjoys doing can lead to them feeling judged, as well as bottling things up. But kids will happily and readily open up to you about what they’re doing if they’re asked about it. 

So, if you want to have a constructive and enjoyable conversation with your child, ask about the project they’re doing now, or a game they’re playing, or any new friends they’ve made who like their hobby too. 

Buy Hobby Orientated Gifts

Hobby oriented gifts are popular amongst both kids and adults, so this is a reliable way to support your child’s passions. If your child loves skateboarding, go through all of the top range Skateboard Helmets and buy them a sparkly new one for their birthday or Christmas. If your child loves to make cards and other papercrafts, buy them some new tools to use that’ll help them cut out fun shapes and patterns. Listen to what your child says about their hobby, do a bit of research, and invest in gifts you know they’re truly going to treasure. 

Help Them Save Up

If they want to buy something new to do with their hobby, and their pocket money allowance doesn’t quite account for it, help them save up. When parents help out, dreams come true a lot quicker! Get them a piggy bank, draw a savings thermometer on a whiteboard so they can see the pot growing, and even let them earn some extra money by helping around the house or running errands. Don’t reward them for their usual chores, but if they want to take on a few extra tasks or responsibilities a couple times a week, let them earn a few more pennies for their effort. This way you’ll be able to show them that following their passion is possible as long as they put in the work! 

If your child picks up a new hobby, do your best to support and encourage it. Hobbies are great for developing skills and refining the way they think about things! 

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