Keeping Kids Active and Entertained During Holidays

How to Keep Your Children Active at Home During the Holidays

From a week at half term, to the big six-week summer holiday, it can be a challenge to keep your little ones active and entertained throughout the whole time off school. If you intend to take your children out every day for fun activities, it can quickly get expensive, so it’s important to know how to keep them busy when at home too. There are so many exciting things that you can do with your kids at home, from indoor to outdoor activities. Keep reading for some inspiration on how you can turn those dreaded weeks off into fun and exciting activities for your children without the huge costs.

Enjoy The Garden

Whilst the weather can be a slight issue at times, more often than not you can get your little ones into the garden to enjoy the fresh air, burn off some energy and have some fun. On a warm summer’s day there’s nothing better than having fun in the garden, and there are so many things you can do that won’t even cost a penny! Not only does being in the garden give your children time to burn off energy, but there are also lots of health benefits too. Keeping your little ones active during their time off is essential, as the last thing you want is for them to be sat glued to the television for two weeks straight. Whether it’s a game of football, jumping in puddles or even a water fight, you can have great fun in the garden and even get messy without the guilt! If your children are younger then spending time outside in the garden can also help with potty training, it’s a far easier environment to deal with any accidents! 

Another benefit to being out in the garden is that it’s very educational. There are so many bugs and animals in the garden that, with a selection of flowers and trees, you can have great fun learning about all of the life that exists in your own home. You can do some bird watching, go on a hunt for certain insects that sit around the pond, feed the local animals that visit the garden and even do some adventure wildlife trails. It’ss the perfect way to keep your child’s brain active and stimulated, which will be really beneficial when they go back to school. If you want to make sure your garden is safe and ready for your children to explore, you can find pond safety tools and other garden essentials at online retailers such as Bradshaws Direct.

Keeping Kids Active and Entertained During Holidays

Have A Bake Off

Learning to bake is something every child loves to do, especially when there’s lots of taste testing involved! Setting up your very own bake-off style competition or activity for your little ones is a great way to pass a few hours. There are so many easy recipes online that are tasty and child-friendly, including our simple sugar biscuits! This is the perfect way to give your child something to look forward too, whilst giving them some responsibility with the baking steps. You will also find that your child will be proud of their finished product, which is great for building their confidence. Invite one of their friends over, or get the siblings involved, and have your very own bake off for the afternoon!

Create A Home Cinema

Its important not to let your child sit in front of the television all day every day but having a set time to enjoy a movie together can be really fun. Set your living room up so that you have plenty of cosy blankets, soft cushions and snacks to enjoy whilst watching your little one’s favourite film. This will help create the feeling of a cinema experience without having to leave the house! Perfect for wet weather days!

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