How To Make A Child Friendly Bathroom

We all dream of that luxurious bathroom to take a long hot bath in. However, when you’ve got children, the idea of that bathroom kind of flies out the window doesn’t it? The whitewash walls that you’re longing for just isn’t ideal when you’ve got children to keep clean and tidy. So what can you do to ensure that you’ve got a gorgeous bathroom when you’ve got kids? We’ve compiled a list of child-friendly bathroom ideas that will allow you to have the best of both worlds!

Bath Fun

L.E.D. Taps

Ever struggled to get the children to wash their hands properly, or even at all? Children are always on the go and don’t want to think about standing around washing their hands. Installing L.E.D taps in your bathroom will not only have them always washing their hands but will also add a stylish and unique addition to your bathroom. They work by lighting the water to match the temperature it’s giving out. So, no more scalded hands and a little light show along the way! They’re super easy to install and fairly cheap too!

Backlit Mirror

Hate cleaning the bathroom mirror? It’s likely that when there isn’t the right kind of light in the bathroom that sticky hands end up touching the mirror to get the right angles. Eliminate that problem by getting yourself a backlit mirror so that everyone (including you) can get a really good look at themselves! You can look at a range of mirrors that are backlit here. Why not go for steam free to make your life even easier?

Personalised Storage

As you know, children love their bath toys, bubbles, and sparkly bath bombs. Rather than having them jumbled up in your shower storage, why not make them a personalised cubby each so that they can store their personal favourites in them? A simple floating shelf and a lick of paint, and you’ve got an easy, unique, and tidy bathroom! Why not let them choose their own colours, and buy them a sponge each matching their cubby colour?

Artwork Styled For Children

Finally, we’ve all seen the stylish canvases in bathrooms, so why not get one for yours? The only difference here is that yours will have prompts on them to help your children remember everything. For example, having a ‘brush your teeth’ or ‘put the lid down’ canvas will make everyone’s life easier. Plus, it will save you having to watch their every move when it comes to the morning routines!

As you can see, with these child-friendly bathroom ideas, you could have a stylish yet worry free bathroom!

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