How To Make Your Living Room Beautiful Again

The living room is one of the busiest rooms in the house, so it goes through a lot. The carpet, the walls, the shelving, storage, furniture and other accessories all work hard to keep our living rooms looking homely and feeling cosy. If you have young children, it’s quite common for the living room to transform itself into an indoor play area most days, whether that’s being overrun with toys, playpens taking centre stage, or having every sharp corner and potential hazard covered with cushions!

So, if your living room is looking a little lacklustre, or you want to reclaim it back for yourself, then read on for 4 ways you can make your living room beautiful again.

Consider your flooring options

Carpet seems like the perfect choice for your living room, right? It’s soft, warm in the colder months and fun for the kids to play on. But it also looks grubby, tired and can even harbour dust and mites which can be dangerous for anyone with allergies. Ours is covered in various marks and stains from nappy leaks, food spillages and dropped drinks, it’s disgusting! Have you thought about engineered wood flooring?

If you want your living room to boast effortless style as well as look and feel expensive, then hardwood flooring is a perfect option. Not only that, it’s hardwearing, which means it’ll cope with everything your family can throw at it – literally. No more laborious vacuuming, or heart breaking stains either!

Re-position your sofa

As the largest piece of furniture in the living room, the positioning of your sofa is going to need some thought. Most designers recommend positioning your sofa so that it faces the doorway, whether that’s at an angle or floating in the middle of the room – that way it’ll look inviting to guests and family alike. If space is too restricted then don’t worry; try placing a console table beside the sofa with a nice lamp atop.

Create a focal point

Don’t worry, you don’t have to paint a wall a bright, garish colour in order to draw attention away from the carpet. Creating a focal point means creating a place of interest for your eye and for it to rest on. This could be a piece of artwork, an ornate mirror, a beautiful light fixture or even the area around a window. For us, we have a large space over the fireplace that I’m intending on filling with a mirror in order to make the room brighter and draw you in.

Don’t worry if you don’t have a focal point already, it’s pretty simple to make one! Just place something like an oversized piece of art or a large canvas photograph of the family and place it on the farthest wall in the room. You could even make a statement with some brightly coloured cushions on the sofa. The best thing about cushions? You can entirely change the room’s colour scheme with just a couple of new cushion covers… brilliant! 

Living Room Cosy

Make the room look finished

When everything is in position and you’re happy with the final layout, you need to make the room look “finished”. This means by adding all your accessories. Oversized pillows, a beautiful rug, a large throw draped over the arm of your sofa or even luxe up your lighting – a beautiful ceiling fixture or a stylish standing lamp. The possibilities are endless!

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