How To Style Your Hair As A Busy Mum

As a busy mum, it can often feel like you’ve got no time to yourself – and that’s likely to be very true. Whether you’re a mum to one child, two or four, there’s very little time to do anything for longer than five or ten minutes.What does that mean for your hair or for your makeup? Well, it’s likely to be non-existence or otherwise a rushed job. However, it’s important that you’re taking care of yourself. Despite becoming a mum, you’re still that person you were before your children and it’s important to reconnect with that individual.

With that being said, even with your limited schedule, styling your hair should be something you do more of. Whether it’s a quick braid or you whip out the curling tongs, here are some great ways to style your hair as a busy mum.

Slick it back into a ponytail

A great and more importantly, a quick option is the ponytail. The ponytail is an iconic and well-loved option for those who want something fuss-free and away from their face. When you want to avoid any vomit or messy hands on your luscious locks, a slick back ponytail is a way forward.

To style your hair into a ponytail, make use of some styling products. These could be putties, gels, or sprays. Slick your hair back with a brush and tie your hair up into a high ponytail. Lay down any flyaways with your desired styling product. It’s a quick and fuss-free option for those who have no time other than to drag their hair through a brush every few days. This slicked-back ponytail tutorial is well worth its weight in gold to learn!

Add a hair mask or oil for fuss-free days

There are some days when doing anything is a struggle. Beyond the mummy duties, it can be hard to lift a finger. However, these are the days you can give your hair that much-needed nourishment and all it takes is the application. Adding a hair mask or oil to your hair is great for bringing some life back into your locks. Hair masks and oils help rejuvenate those split ends and frazzled hair that’s become damaged from using too much heat on the hair.

Typically, a hair mask should be applied every week to keep it feeling and looking healthy. Whenever you get a spare moment and don’t fancy doing anything with your hair, add in a hair mask for the day and wash out before you go to bed.

Keep it shoulder length so it’s manageable

If you’re trying to keep it to a manageable situation, then you likely don’t want to have hair that’s too long. Long hair is likely to cause all manner of issues when you’re running around as a new mum or one with a growing brood running behind you. Keep it to shoulder length so that you’re able to still style it appropriately but you’re not dealing with masses of hair. Depending on the thickness of the hair, you may also want to remove some of this hair so that it’s a lot easier to work with as a result. 

Make it a messy bun

The messy bun should be messy. Those who style the most perfect messy bun have likely spend many years perfecting it and use a lot of clips and spray to keep it in place. As a mum, you haven’t got time for that, so take your hair tie and tie all your hair into a loose bun. Use a big scrunchie to keep it up in place and it’ll look great.

Braid it for easy styling

Braiding is great for when you want easy styling and an opportunity for curled hair once you’re ready to take out the braids. It’s a good style for when you have wet hair and you don’t fancy blow-drying it for half an hour. Styling your hair as a mum is certainly unique in many ways but it’s something you should do to give that bit of self-care to yourself during the day.

Opt for the half-up half-down style

When it comes to making it look like you’ve made a real effort with your hair, the half-up, half-down style always works a treat. If you have the time to curl your hair first – even better! Gather the top half of your hair and tie it up into a ponytail. From here, you could pull strands out at the front or wrap up the hair in this ponytail, into a bun. The opportunities are endless with this style and it’s easy enough to do.

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