Why a loft conversion is the perfect home improvement for growing families

Converting your loft is an innovative and stylish way to utilise every inch of space your property has to offer, especially if you are seeking more storage or are growing your family. You’d be surprised just how much storage and/or living space is going to waste if your loft isn’t converted. So, here are our answers as to why a loft conversion is the perfect home improvement for growing families. 

Parents… give yourself some storage space

If moving house isn’t an option for you and you are in desperate need of more space, a loft conversion can be perfect for packing away your old belongings you don’t want to part with yet. Or perhaps you want to give your growing family a play area and a place to store toys? A loft conversion can be great to keep children’s belongings. But this doesn’t mean the conversion doesn’t have to be stylish! Built in wardrobes, cupboards and storage areas are great and can be fashionable. These external decorations can also be built with children in mind, as cupboards and wardrobes can be constructed out of reach of little hands and made with no clear handles – designed with safety in mind!

Loft conversations, children, and safety

When constructing a loft conversion, it’s important to ensure there is plenty of space, that it’s easy to clean and that safety is taken into consideration. Because of this, we would choose high-level windows instead of a Juliet balcony. This way, they are completely out the way of little hands and allow natural light to flood into the loft conversion.

Or, perhaps you’re adopting and need a safe space

If you’re thinking about growing your family in a different way and the child you are adopting is older, one great way to make the most of a loft conversion is to create a safe, inviting, space. The definition of a safe space differs from person to person and is completely dependent on individual needs, but as a guide, a spacious room with calming colours such as greens, violets and blues and white are ideal. Decorating your safe space with green indoor plants are another way in which wellbeing can be boosted. Plants bring feelings of vitality and help lift spirits and bring happiness. An environment that includes natural elements help build a positive outlook on life and the subliminal effect of plants boosts people into feeling more alive, active and creative. Because of the style of a loft conversion bedroom, it can easily be adapted as needs and trends change, or you’re no longer in need of a safe, calming space. Of course, this doesn’t just apply to new members of the family. If you, or your child needs a safe space to relax, rest and calm down, a personalised safe space is completely ideal!

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