Pregnancy Calendar - Week Twenty Seven

Pregnancy Calendar: Week Twenty Seven

Use our pregnancy calendar to see what’s happening in your pregnancy each week.

Welcome to the third trimester! Here’s what you can expect from week twenty seven of your pregnancy.

Your Baby:

Can now taste the flavours in your amniotic fluid – especially strong ones

Has grown a centimetre in length since last week

Is 36-37cm long from head to heal. That’s the size of a cucumber!


May start to notice your areola getting darker

Are in the third trimester. Finally. Halle-bloody-lujah!

Week Twenty Seven

The whole ‘when does the third trimester actually start?’ saga continues but sod it, I’m claiming it as this week. Who wants to argue with a twenty seven week pregnant woman with a baby the length of a cucumber inside her?! Anyone? I thought not.

With all the excitement of the third trimester arriving, you might want to think about getting things organised for when the baby arrives. Start thinking about what you’ll need by way of newborn essentials; somewhere for them to sleep, something to transport them in, clothes for them to wear. It’s easy to get caught up in newborn mania and end up with a pile of ‘essentials’ that you’ll barely use so do plenty of research before hand. For now, focus on working out how you feel about a pushchair or baby carrying, crib or moses basket and whether or not you’ll need a car seat. Bear in mind you’ll need a car seat to get your newborn home from the hospital in the majority of cases so that’s a good area to start with!

Over the last few weeks your baby has been developing their taste buds and can now taste flavours in your amniotic fluid. It’s said that if you eat plenty of spicy foods, your baby can develop a preference for them this early… personally I’m not convinced but if you love your curries, now’s the time to invest in your little ones future palate!

Other fun things this week: itchiness. Oh my god, the itchiness. Apparently it’s normal around this stage for your stomach to get itchy due to the stretching of collagen fibres in your skin. For me (a generally itchy person at the best of times) this has culminated in a good nightly scratch as well as dowsing myself in moisturiser to try and help ease it. I’m moaning but it’s not really that bad. Not as bad as the root canal that happened this week. Totally un-baby-related but just plain yuck… on the plus side, it was free on the NHS due to maternity exemptions. Now’s the time to get any dental check ups and work done!!


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