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Okay, I’ll admit that prior to seeing one of the Action Baby Carriers in use, I’d never heard of them. I bet you haven’t either, but you should have. Why? Because their carriers are comfy, compact and cute as hell. Yes, the MAIN reason I showed an interest in the first place was the cuteness factor. A mum friend turned up with her baby looking effortlessly stylish and adorable in a carrier covered in kangaroo print. In a sea of carriers that are boring black or nude colour, the print immediately attracted attention. And so we first heard of Action Baby Carriers.

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Who Are Action Baby Carriers?

Action Baby Carriers work closely with professional bodies to promote ergonomic, safe baby wearing.  In fact, in 2014 Action Baby Carriers were voted in the Top Ten Baby Carriers by Sling Libraries. They’re manufactured in Michigan, USA and come in two sizes designed to see you through babywearing from 0-5yrs; regular (0-3yrs) and toddler (18m-5yrs).  They can be worn on the front, back and hip and come in a variety of funky prints.

Tell Me More…

If you’re not yet into baby wearing, this is a useful carrier to start with due to its capacity. It also doesn’t need a newborn insert – a definite bonus.  It’s not as scary as a wrap carrier and needs little skill to fit. Whilst it’s not cheap, it’s certainly not the most expensive on the market and a good carrier will transform your life as a busy parent.  Baby wearing provides comfort and closeness to your baby whilst allowing you to get on with day to day tasks. If, like me, your baby demands to be held, it allows you to do more than sit on the sofa for hours on end. Although you still can – thats just a perk of having a baby that HAS to be taken advantage of now and then!

My Action Baby Carrier of choice is the giraffe print; a sand coloured canvas with cream giraffes and a black inner. Soft, padded shoulder and waist straps areeasily adjustable, allowing you to tailor it to your shape quickly and easily.  A quick read of the enclosed illustrated instruction manual makes fitting it a simple, one person task.

So why the Action Baby Carrier?

Firstly, it’s comfy.  Because of it’s soft construction, it can be easily adjusted to fit a variety of heights – perfect if you’re shorter than average, like me.  It’s lightweight.  It folds up into a relatively small bundle so is great for storing in the bottom of a baby bag or buggy.  It’s got an additional flap which folds down when not in use but can be pulled up and buckled into place to support your child’s head – added bonus, it provides a bit of shade and shelter to help your little one sleep.

The Action Baby Carrier will hold your child up until they’re around two years of age. I’d be amazed if I’m still carrying in it in two years time though, not because it wouldn’t last until then but because I think I would struggle with the weight of my child at that point.  However, I’m yet to try it in hip or back carry due to my baby’s age which would potentially revolutionise carrying a heavier mass.

What Do We Really Think?

Ours was purchased to take to a festival, then came on holiday and quickly became a firm favourite. The man of the house prefers a more structured carrier that supports front facing but personally I find that puts strain on my lower back.  This soft structured carrier is now my staple carrier that I store in the car and drag with me everywhere; used for grocery shopping (perfect for hands-free), dog walking and any time we want to guarantee a fuss-free outing.

Oh and best of all, it nearly always guarantees a nap!

£69.99 – Available from Action Baby Carriers UK


  • Lora d. 18th June 2017 at 5:09 pm

    I’ve been trying to find more information about Action Carriers, and this article was a huge help. For some reason there’s not a lot of info about them so I was glad to find something so in depth. Now I can make an informed decision for my child. Thanks!

    • DevonMamaOnline 20th June 2017 at 9:24 pm

      I’m so glad. I found the same when I was trying to find out more about them, there’s little out there and yet they really do deserve some recognition!

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