Review: Aden + Anais Muslin Swaddle Blankets

If you haven’t heard of Aden + Anais then you’re clearly not running with the right yummy mummy pack. Their baby products, in particular their swaddle blankets, are often toted as the go to product for new mums. Available from most retailers, including Amazon, they’re cute, colourful and well, a little pricey, but are they worth the hype? Read on to find out our experiences with the Aden + Anais muslin swaddle blankets.

Who are Aden + Anais?

Developed by Raegan Moya-Jones, this American brand is renowned for it’s super soft, ultra breathable muslin swaddles and squares and celebrated it’s tenth birthday this year. Available in over 65 countries around the globe, it’s fast becoming the go to brand for parents, both old and new, looking for high quality cotton blankets.

Aden + Anais Swaddle Blankets

Aden + Anais swaddle cloths or swaddle blankets are available in cotton muslin (the most popular original product) or even softer bamboo fabric. Measuring 120cm x 120cm, the blankets come in a variety of prints and colours designed to fit the stylistic designs of any baby; modern or traditional.

We were gifted a four pack of these swaddles in Jungle Jam print by one of the grandmothers to be. It’s not a cheap purchase at £45 for a pack of four (or £30 for a pack of two) but does make an impressive gift with simple, muted packaging designed to show off the swaddle prints. Jungle Jam prints include one of each of the following patterns; birds, monkeys, elephants and giraffes on a white background.

Are they worth the hype (and the cost!)?

Originally we tried to use our swaddle cloths for exactly what they suggest; swaddling. Unfortunately, we were having none of that, being blessed with a child who likes to fidget with his hands up by his face throughout the night. Thankfully, we quickly found these blankets to be some of the most versatile and useful gifts we’ve been given.

Firstly, for use as a regular blanket these work well either as a light covering or doubled over to give a weightier covering. Need a cloth to lie on the grass/sand/carpet? At just over a metre squared, these provide enough covering for even the wriggliest of babies (and make a great emergency change mat!) Breastfeeding but want a little privacy? Draped over your shoulder there’s enough fabric to provide coverage without worrying it’s going to fall off with every movement, plus it’s thin enough to be breathable and cool for baby without being too thin and giving passersby a cheeky boob flash. We’ve used them as makeshift sunshades in the car and pram covers, rolled them up to prop in the cot for a little extra reassurance whilst falling asleep and to mop up those little bits of drool that inevitably get everywhere.

What about washing?

If you’re mopping up drool and sick, as is a newborn’s want, then you’re bound to want to know how they wash. We’ve only ever washed ours in Napisan (no fabric softener) and yet they’re still softening further each time. The colour is as bright as the day we got them and they don’t shrink or bunch up as some muslins do and trust me, we’ve washed ours A LOT. They fold up very small so you can easily fit one into your nappy or diaper bag without fuss and leave one in the car, thats the beauty of the pack of four, we always make sure we have at least one in action at any time and at least one clean.. which means we’ve got two back ups – perfect for this laundry hating mama!

Finally, I can personally vouch for their comfort. With a fussy baby, some nights we’ve ended up bringing him in with me and in a quest for safe co-sleeping, it’s meant me ditching the duvet. Together, we comfortably snuggle up with one of these draped over us… I’ve never woken up cold yet!

Would I buy them again?

Definitely. For me, Aden + Anais have hit the nail on the head, combining comfort, functionality and design into one must have baby product.  In fact, we were so impressed that they’re now my go to baby gift for new mamas.

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