Review: SENSSE Eye Massager

One of the things I notice first in photos of me now is the bags under my eyes. I’ve always been susceptible to them, especially when I screw my face up in a cheesy grin and my cheeks relocate to where my eyes used to be, but lately, they’re a little more prominent. I see photos of me now vs photos of me pre-child and the difference is huge. It might not be to everyone else, but it is to me.

Fast forward from that child-free existence to this time last year. Still holding a fair chunk of ‘baby weight’, the bags are more visible but hidden by my puffier face. I look tired, but nothing a good night’s sleep wouldn’t fix. And now? They’ve moved in for good. The baby weight pretty much gone, my eyes are constantly surrounded by those puffy creases underneath them. The tiredness is ingrained.

It’s one of the few hang ups that I have. Sure, my teeth have a gap in, I have too many freckles, one eye tends to close more than the other in photographs, but on the whole I like my face. It shows every single giggle I’ve had along the laughter lines, it shows my emotions within seconds, it’s the first thing that my son recognised. Scrap that. It’s mine. I love it. And I’d love it that little bit more without those little baggy tag-alongs I’ve seemingly gained over the last eighteen months.

So when I got offered the opportunity to review the SENSSE eye massager, I figured, why the hell not?! Every few months I find myself wandering the aisles of Boots, clutching the latest eye cream that I’ll use twice before declaring it useless. So why not try something new?!

The SENSSE eye massager uses LED light therapy to help it’s goodness reach deep into your pores, not only helping to smooth out fine lines and puffiness but also, apparently treating acne (as someone who doesn’t suffer acne around my eyes, or indeed, at all thankfully, I can’t vouch for this). There are two modes to it; the blue cleansing light more and the red light moisturising mode. It’s this mode that I primarily used, the red light helps to reduce redness and smooth out fine lines, wrinkles and puffiness by stimulating collagen production.

SENSSE claim to offer visibly brighter and fresher eyes in just a couple of minutes each day with each treatment taking just three minutes. The wand vibrates, long and slow vibrations for cleansing and faster pulses for moisturising mode. Which is good because I’m not 100% sure if the light does much.

So does it work? I have to admit that it feels nice. I pop some eye cream (or moisturiser if I’m feeling less fancy) on and then sit and have a little massage with it on moisturising mode. It leaves my eyes feeling pampered and the three minutes it takes is a nice amount of time for a bit of me time without it turning in to a chore. So until time travel is invented and I can go and reclaim my pre-child complexion, that’ll more than do for me!


  • Nicola 20th December 2017 at 10:22 am

    That sounds like an absolutely wonderful! Eye bags are the thing I have been most conscious of since becoming a mum… they go all puffy when I have not had enough sleep and my eyes are pretty small anyway so they look tiny when this happens! So I shall have to investigate this further!

    PS I love your smile, it lights up every room you go in and you are incredibly photogenic.

    • Nicola 20th December 2017 at 10:25 am

      But you’re also a massively sarcastic bugger.

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