Review: YippieYo Crossbuggy

Exploring. It’s a huge part of our lives and yet one that’s becoming increasingly trickier. We’re in that awkward stage where our toddler is too big for the carrier (and far too heavy for us) and too small to walk. We own four pushchairs already – a travel stroller, an off-roader, a ‘travel system’ and one that we keep with my parents. And yet none of those truly cover us for all-terrain. We needed something more for when we want to tackle all that Devon has to offer. That’s when we discovered the YippieYo Crossbuggy.

Review: YippieYo CrossBuggy

Introducing The YippieYo Crossbuggy

The YippieYo Crossbuggy stems from a German idea back in 1960 to use a single-axle cart to transport children across difficult terrains. Re-designed and modernised, the YippieYo Crossbuggy builds on this and introduces the highest of safety standards. Finally, an all-terrain buggy that can be used in all environments.

The crossbuggy seats up to two toddlers/small children (maximum weight 40kg). Your child must be able to sit independently and have good head control as the seats aren’t designed with additional head support for younger children. Using the website, you can select the frame finish and seat colour as well as add optional extras such as the attachable day bag and lights (great for using during the winter months). Prices start from £490.50.

Review: YippieYo CrossBuggy

How Safe Is It?

YippieYo know how important your child’s safety is. That’s why every crossbuggy is manufactured and tested in accordance with the European Standard for Pushchairs and Prams. A quick examination of the crossbuggy shows that this isn’t just a tickbox exercise for them – the design factors in things like a low centre of gravity to prevent tipping, a welded construction for strength and specially designed guards to prevent your child getting their fingers in amongst the wheels mid-journey. Each crossbuggy is fitted with two five-point harnesses which are fully adjustable and keep even the wriggliest of children in (trust me, we’ve tested that!). There are even shock absorbers built in to give your child the smoothest of rides possible. You really can rest easy.

Review: YippieYo CrossBuggy

What’s It Like?

Arriving in a large box, the YippieYo Crossbuggy is easy to assemble. It’s a substantial piece of kit, as study as expected and although the back and the handle fold down, it’s still fairly large. On inspection, the finish is excellent; the paint quality, fabrics and all mechanisms feel like they’ve been manufactured to a high specification. The seat belts were easy to adjust and our son quickly climbed in and refused to leave; a definite sign of things to come.

Out in action, the crossbuggy is easy to handle and feels incredibly light to pull. You can push if you want to but it’s not quite as easy. It’s designed to be pulled and it’s this that feels the most natural. A single axle means it’s hugely manoeuvrable; again an incredible feat given it’s sturdy build quality. We tested the crossbuggy in lanes, fields and over bumpy mud terrain as well as up and down hills. Having opted for the day bag, we packed that up with a picnic, clipped it in and set off. Suffice to say, we’ve tested it hard!

Review: YippieYo CrossBuggy

Our Thoughts

Having tested it on many different terrains, the YippieYo Crossbuggy performs well on all of them. There is a substantial difference when going through long grass or uphill (or both, if you’re like us). At times, the pulling action felt harder than a traditional push on these terrains. On flat, there was no comparison; the crossbuggy was far easy work than a ‘normal’ all terrain buggy. Particularly in terms of driving control. There’s a brake to help with going downhill which helped considerably. Rather than being pulled down I was able to use my bodyweight and the brake to control our decline.

Our son loves the crossbuggy. The seating position allows him more freedom and space, he seems to love lording it over the rest of us! He does tend to slump slightly in place over rougher terrain but he’s still towards the lower limit of age and weight so this is to be expected in some cases.

I love the ability to load it without it ‘feeling’ heavier to transport. The clip on bag sits neatly on the back and held a picnic for three plus jumpers for us all. Once clipped into place you wouldn’t have known it was there but if you choose not to get the bag, there are bungee cords over a tiny shelf which would allow you to strap your own items there. Obviously we have an empty seat which also allows us to use that for storage at this stage.

Review: YippieYo CrossBuggy

Potential Improvements

With all that in mind, there are still a few things I’d like to improve on our crossbuggy. For starters, it’s a shame there’s no way of adding weather cover as an accessory. It would take some remodelling but even a clamp on cover would be good for sun and rain protection. Let’s face it, we live in the UK, the chances are our walks are going to end with some rain! Instead just make sure your children are protected against the weather with their clothing.

Secondly, I’d love to see some form of stand (similar to a bike stand). When you’re still, you either have to hold the YippieYo or rest the base of the handle on the ground, tipping the buggy forward. It’s a tiny thing but a small flick down rest would keep it out of any mud. Finally, a number of people ask us if it can be fitted to the back of a bike. Again, this would be a big change for the crossbuggy but seems like a natural step forward for future.

Review: YippieYo CrossBuggy


The YippieYo Crossbuggy has wheeled it’s way into our hearts. Yes, it’s big and yes, it’s expensive. However, when compared to other all-terrain buggies, it’s comparably priced and arguably more comfortable for two children. If you’re in to exploring then it’s hard to beat for all-terrain transport. With one child, we’re enjoying it. With two, I’d imagine it to be a life-saver. Plus you’re guaranteed to start conversations; whether it’s from us, the toddler or passersby, everyone seems to love the YippieYo!

Review: YippieYo CrossBuggy


  • Debbie - Hello Deborah 25th August 2017 at 6:00 pm

    This looks so much fun! I like that it gets tested for safety. This would be fab to take to the New Forest for days out.

    • DevonMamaOnline 4th September 2017 at 10:00 am

      It’s an excellent piece of equipment! The New Forest would be the perfect place for it – I love that I can load it up EVEN MORE than our standard buggy!

  • Nicola | Mummy to Dex 6th September 2017 at 7:40 am

    Love how hubby is having a nice little snooze in one of the final photos! It’s hard work being a Daddy isn’t it?! The YippeYo looks amazing! We’d have no space for such a beast here but can imagine how wonderful it would be especially if you have two children.

    Love your impartial reviews! Totally agree about the device to lock onto a bike, I would definitely want to purchase then so I could get Neil to take D out EVERY Sunday morning!!

    • DevonMamaOnline 7th September 2017 at 8:17 pm

      Such hard work, although we did have to go up a mammoth hill so he did kinda earn it. I’ll let him off just this once!

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