The Secret To Working Through Nap Time

The life of a working parent can often feel like a juggling act. Those who return to the office have to juggle work and childcare, while even parents who work remotely have many balls in the air. While it may seem like the ideal compromise, remote work can often be harder option. While it does mean staying home with your kids, you’ll need to somehow find the time to complete work. And, often, that time will be when your kids are napping. Managing this is, of course, easiest when your kids are young and take multiple naps. Even once you have a toddler, though, it is possible to complete work when they go down. All you need to do is take care of the following.

Set a routine

A nap routine is always beneficial for making sure that your kids get the sleep they need when they need it. You can certainly bet your children will be ready to go to sleep when their regular nap rolls around. When it comes to working through nap time, though, routine is even more critical. Knowing precisely when you’ll be working allows you to arrange calls or chats, and also make sure that your boss knows when to expect your completed assignments. Not to mention that having a work routine can help you to keep some semblance of a work/life balance. As soon as you start working from home, then, turn to resources like those found at to help you develop a nap time you can stick to.

Get everything ready

Naps seem short when you’re trying to cram everything in, so make sure that you have things ready to go at all times. This means keeping your computer booted so that you don’t have to waste loading time. It also means taking care of updates beforehand so you don’t have to sit around for an hour or more until you can do anything! Given that updates don’t always go according to plan, it’s also well worth troubleshooting with tips like those mentioned at to make sure all is in working order for when you finally sit down to work. You should also write up a to-do-list when your kids are awake so that you’re always ready and raring to get straight on with it when they go down. Then, you can guarantee you produce the most work in even the shortest time. 

Know when you need a break, too

When you have a toddler, you’ll probably be able to work through all their nap times without worry. If you have a baby on your hands, though, it’s worth noticing when you need a break, too. If you’ve been up half the night, attempting to work through that morning nap is never going to end well. Instead, realise when you could benefit from putting your head down, too. Then, you’ll have a whole lot more energy for dedicating to your work when your little one goes down again in the afternoon. 

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