Three vehicle safety features that are worth paying extra for

We all do our best to keep our families safe. Often, going to great lengths to do so. While reading some of the articles this Myrtle Beach personal injury lawyer wrote about road safety, I started to think more about keeping my family safe in the car. After a bit of research, I have come up with three safety features that are well worth considering buying when it is time to replace your family car. As well as several safety enhancements you could make to the vehicle you already own.

Rear seat belt reminder alarms

When you are running a little late it is all too easy to get distracted and forget to check that all of the kids have buckled up in the back seat. Or, not to notice when one of them takes their belt off. If you were to have an accident this could be a horrendous oversight to have made. The chances of your child being severely injured if they are not wearing a seat belt are quite high. Even at low speeds, they would be thrown against the seat or headrest. Should that happen there is a strong likelihood that they would suffer a serious head, neck, or spine injury. Or a combination of all three. They could be left permanently disabled or even die. So, it is worth buying a car that has rear seat belt reminder alarms fitted. 

A stability control system and anti-lock brakes

Studies show that cars that are fitted with anti-lock brakes and a stability control system are safer. If you are involved in an accident, often, these systems will enable you to stay in control for longer. Something that increases your chances of being able to come to a safe stop, or maneuver to reduce the force of the impact.

An autonomous emergency brake system

A significant percentage of accidents occur when the vehicle in front of you suddenly brakes. In particular when they do so for no apparent reason. If your car is fitted with an Autonomous Emergency Braking (AEB) system your chances of your vehicle stopping before it runs into the back of the other one are greatly enhanced.

Ways to make your existing car safer

The above are all interesting and great if you are in the market for a replacement car. You can use those suggestions to make sure that you end up buying a safer car, but what do you do if you cannot afford to replace the one you already have? Is there a way to make that one safer? Fortunately, the answer is yes, there is quite a bit you can do.

It is possible to retrofit parking aids, blind-spot monitors, even, as you can see here, seatbelt fastening reminder alarms. You can also have lap belts converted to the 3-point kind. A change that will greatly improve the safety of the passenger who sits in the middle. 

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