Travelling With A Toddler

Top Five Destinations To Travel With Toddler

Every parent asks the question: Where to go with a child during the holiday season. When choosing the best country for a trip to the seaside with a child, many factors must be taken into account, among them: duration of the flight, climate condition, quality of the beaches, infrastructure for children, food, the level of medical care and so on. When creating this list of 5 countries, we tried to consider all these factors and make a list that will help you to choose the best destination.




Before planning a vacation with a toddler, it is especially important to check the weather conditions of the country where you want to go. Summer is not always the best time for a family holiday, active sun can be very dangerous for small babies. Though the period from autumn to spring is very often favourable, the sun warms pleasantly and does not burn. One of the countries that fit this description is the UAE. Abu Dhabi and Dubai are excellent cities for family holidays, the infrastructure of the cities is at the highest level and the number of entertainment and amusement places for sure surprise you. Public transport is not the most pleasant way of travel while having a child. In order to be mobile, we advise you to use a car rental service in Dubai that offers its amenities for everyone who is a lover of comfort behind the wheel. The range of service includes cars of both economy and premium class, varying from Toyota to Porsche for rent in Dubai city. The main advantage of the rental service is safety, which is an absolute must for a holiday with a toddler. It is way more comfortable to rent a car for traveling around the city on your own rather than use public transport or taxi. 




Thailand is one of the most popular places to spend a winter holiday. At this time there is no strong humidity and heat. Such vacation can completely replace winter with 2-3 months of summer instead. Kilometres of sandy beaches, juicy fruits and a warm sea. Thailand could be compared with a exotic zoo or park zone, where every detail catches a child’s attention: palaces, exotic animals, elephant rides, colourful fruits, ocean. The only thing you should pay attention to when planning a trip is the duration of the flight, look up for all the transport options in advance and choose the most convenient for you.




Greece is suitable for family travel for several reasons: mild climate, good ecology, clean sandy beaches, sea air filled with the aromas of pine and high level of safety, developed infrastructure and a variety of entertainment are appreciated both by parents and their children. The beach season in Greece falls in the months from May to October. The resorts of Crete and the island of Kos are best suited. Family-type hotels have all children’s furniture, strollers and dishes for the youngest and even a menu for the children. There are a number of exciting excursions here, museums and water parks.




Spain is a place for family holidays, which is pleasant to visit all year round. However, the period when you decide to go really depends on what you prefer to see and do while there. Summer is great on the coast, but sometimes it can be inconvenient for younger children in big cities. Quiet resorts of Spain are more suitable for holidays with a child. The most popular places on the island for family vacation are Las Americas and Los Cristianos. 




When planning your family vacation in Italy, please note that the peak season is from June to August. In general, if you do not spend your entire trip on the beach, I recommend that if you are going to Italy with children, it is best to go during the holiday season, either April-May or September-October, which are the Italian spring and autumn months. Most of the time the days are warm and sunny, but not scorchingly hot. Now you can definitely plan a vacation with your baby and pack your bags, enjoy your trip.

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