Top Tips for Relocating Overseas with Children

Naturally, kids get accustomed to the environment they’re familiar with, and for that reason, moving them elsewhere can be challenging. You never know how they will react to an overseas move until it happens. Statistics indicate that about 300,000 UK residents relocate abroad with their kids annually. The report further revealed that approximately 4.7 million British nationals are currently living in other countries. Meanwhile, Australia, Canada, and the US continue to be the top three preferred destinations for most Brits who relocate abroad. If you’re interested in finding out how to do this smoothly, please read further.

Begin packing several weeks or months in advance and involve kids

Relocating abroad is an intensive move, and until you get things organised in advance, the entire exercise can be unduly tiring. Moreover, complicating the issue even further is when you’re relocating abroad with young kids. Children tend not to be too welcoming to change, and moving away from a familiar environment to an unknown one is no exception. However, you can handle this devoid of the usual tantrums that your child may throw.

First and foremost, involve your kids in the packing process. If they are old enough, allow them to pack their clothes and favourite toys into suitcases of their choice. Involving your children in the packing process creates a sense of responsibility towards the move. Before you know it, they will be looking forward to the relocation.

Contact an interstate removalist in advance

The first thing to do is find an experienced interstate removalist company to convey all your household belongings. The idea behind contacting them in advance is to discuss all your expectations. It’s also an opportunity to settle on the financial aspects of their service. Additionally, you must find out if the removalist company you’re working with will be the same people handling the process from start to finish.

Remember that your kids’ belongings are part of the things you’re moving, and losing them means more tantrums for misplacing their favourite items. You will find it helpful to know that some companies outsource parts of their business to another establishment, increasing costs in the process. Your best choice is to settle for a removalist company with branches where you’re moving to. That reduces cost and ensures continuity of service delivery.

Engage your children with the new culture

Your kids must be psyched up for the relocation, and one effective way to do this is to begin introducing the new culture to them. Keep in mind that an overseas relocation is stressful for kids. Therefore, a gradual introduction is advisable. For example, if you’re relocating from the UK to Australia with your children, gently broach the subject of accent differences.

Additionally, talk about the slight differences in food, music, and any other thing you think will interest your child. The objective behind this engagement is to help your kids acclimatise to the new environment. The guiding principle is to allow them to do it in their own time without coming across as though you’re enforcing a new and foreign culture.

Do not forget to visit places of interest with your kids when you make the final move abroad. Furthermore, encourage them to make new friends when you visit the playground in the new place. In no time, the new environment will become home for the kids and you as well.

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