Tuff Tray Ideas: Town & Road Map

One of the simplest tuff tray ideas, this town and road map takes moments and ensures plenty of fun. In the past we’ve used a roll out floor mat but this often creases and bunches as the toddler plays on it, upsetting his cars as he moves around. This way is just as easy, keeps the cars contained within the mat rather than all over the room and can be adapted to fit whatever layout he fancies.

Tuff Tray Ideas: Town & Road Map

For this activity, we used the tuff tray, these chalk pens and a selection of cars that he already has at home – if you don’t have any, we love the Hot Wheels cars or these are great for toy town play. If you prefer, you can make the roads out of masking tape. For this one though, I prefer chalk pens. They’re not as hard wearing as the masking tape but you can put in curves, roundabouts and put road markings on to make the roads two way.

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Start by drawing out your roads, breaking the tray up into a handful of different areas. A roundabout always goes down well in this household so if you’ve got a car fan, plan one in. Then in the other sections, ask your little one what they’d like. Here are some of our favourites;

  • Parking spaces (we would have an entire tray of parking spaces happily!)
  • Fields of trees
  • A lake
  • Helicopter landing pad
  • Houses
  • The Beach

Once it’s all drawn, give it a moment or two to dry and then let your child loose. Chalk pens will wipe off slightly during play (far less than normal chalks!) – at the end just wipe your tray down with a damp cloth to clean them off completely.

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Simple tuff tray ideas for busy parents. Create a small town set up, perfect for car, road and small world fun. Quick, low cost and easy but lots of fun

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